History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


8. Back Home Part 1

Brenda's POV (Micky's mom)

Every day, everyday.

I could never stop thinking about my baby girl.

We moved, just like we told her we would. I we would never be able to see her again.

She thinked that we are mad at her for doing something that we had no control over, she thinks that we hate her, and that she amounts to nothing in our eyes. Only if she knew that we did not mean anything, of what we said. When I think back.....

Me and Daren are walking down the hall way together, us being granted to walk around this certain part of the hospital to work our muscles that have been doormat in bed.

We begin to talk about Micky.

"My poor baby, what sick person would do that. Why would a person do that?" I ask, getting tired of getting angry.

"I don't know, but all I know is that that man, or whoever he was connected too, is not going anywhere without facing the consequences of me, and the law." Daren say, quite exasperated at the situation as well.

We continue to rant about how nothing makes sense anymore, and how the world is falling apart, when we are stopped in our circling tracks. A man dressed in complete white stands right in front of us. He stares at us, but by the looks of it, he is wearing thin sunglasses, and a doctor's mask.

"Follow me." the man says flatly.

We are brought to no choice, but to follow the man.

We are taken to a room, were he opens the door, and hold it open for us. As soon as we have passed the door frame, he shuts the door, muffling the sound. He then locks the door, and turns to us. He gestures for us to sit in the chairs the stand on hard cold white floor. We do so, and he stays standing, though there is a chair directly opposite of us. He begins to speak.

"I am going to be very direct, and when I mean direct, I mean straight to the point." he says with a rhythm in his voice.

All that Daren and I do is nod and not say a word.

"If you would like your daughter, Micky unharmed, you will say no to taking the trip to Russia with her. No questions asked. You will explain to her how she has brought great shame to the family, and how having sex could have not been the only way out of the situation. She might be trying to explain, but you must never let her. You will tell and you will move to a different part of Ireland, and you will never tell her were. She will be forced to stay in Russia, and you will never be able to go to Russia ever to see her. You will not cry or feel sorry when you face her and tell her these things, you will be angry and agitated. You must not tell anybody, or let anybody find out about this here or Micky will be dead the next day. Do you understand me?" the man finishes with a question, very serious.

Both me and Daren are very shocked at what we hear, all we do is share one glance at each other, and we both say, "Yes." knowing this is for Micky, or one and only daughter. The center of our life who we could not even dream of knowing she is dead.

"Good, now sign these papers, and I will be on my way." the man says pulling a stack of rolled papers out of a pocket in his coat with a pen held in his other hand.

First, I was hesitant to pick up the pen, then after a quick moment to think about it, i grab the pen and give my signature on the dotted line the man points at, then pass the pen to Daren, who does the same, but on the dotted line right under mine.

"Perfect, starting from this moment on, you are no longer parent, neither are you the guardians of Micky Mouw. Feel free to walk out of the room as soon as you are ready, But it is most probably best that it is soon, because in the next five minutes, Micky's doctor will tell you the news about Russia, and you do not want to miss that do you?" the man says not giving us the chance to respond, as he jets out of the room without a trace.

I look at Daren, while Daren looks at me. At that point, we have realized that our number one goal now is to protect Micky, but from now on, by never looking at her ever again. That does not only break my heart, but it also shatters my dreams of ever seeing her grow up.

......I begin to cry, remembering the moment like it was just yesterday. I was thinking about adopting a child, or even having another one. But I realized that that would not fill the void of not having Micky in neither me, or Daren's life. The thought of that is what is not only tearing our marriage apart, but also what is holding our marriage by a string.

Niall's POV

Being with Lexus is the only thing that is keeping me sane at this point. Now I think back, I wish I would have went and seen Micky before she left for Russia, even though it might have hurt more people, than it would help me.

I am lying in my bed, not able to fall asleep once again. After that day, I could never really sleep as well. Unless I was talking with Lexus. Lying here, I realize that without here, I would be dust by now. Something that would be gone needing only a gentle breeze from the wind. So venerable, so...nothing like.

My mind wonders, as I stare at the blank ceiling. That only brings me to remember the day that that man pointed a gun at mine and Micky's face. That drags me to the time that marks both of our lives together. The time when we lost most of our innocents. But the only thing that I find weird, is that I can't remember much of it. Or is it that I do not want to remember much of it. Why would I? It was a very important time for me and Mick- no, I don't want to remember her, I have Lexus.

I try to keep my mind occupied with the thought of Lexus, but my memory does not stop trying to shove whatever I want to remember about the time in my mind. I sigh at this happening, and just give up the fight, let my mind relax, and leave the room for my memory to push the thought in. It was almost like watching a image slowly develop in your mind, first you want it to show up in colour, then you want to make sure it stays pitch black so you don't ever have to see what lays beneath it. I slowly remember the little snippets that my memory inserted, and it replaying in my head almost like a movie, but I was there, alive, and moving in it as if it were happening now.

Just when the picture stopped becoming a blur to me, I am all of a sudden pushed out of the picture. It was like experiencing having a really good idea, probably the best ever, then you forget, only to never remember until it is pointless to share or put to use. In a way...it frustrated me.

Replacing the darkness, I see a picture. It was like I was watching the TV, but it was just stuck on pause. But the sound was on, but kept on repeating again, and again.

I see Micky's soccer jersey on the ground in her room, and then I hear her crying. I keep on hearing the crying, over and over and over again, it sounded like it was happening right now, in this room. Exactly right next to me, almost, but just a bit distanced.

I then focus more on the crying, and a picture of Micky sitting on her bed pops up. Still fully clothed, and with a sad expression on her face. It was almost like I hit play when the picture started to move and make sounds again. This is what I heard:

Micky takes a large sigh before speaking.

"Niall?" she asks, her nose stuffy, and tears slowly slowing down the process of rolling down her face, as some stay where there are, and some drop out of turn.

"Yes Micky?" I ask with a calm voice, and steady tone.

"Before we do...this, do you want to make a promise?" she asked, a bit intimidated for no apparent reason from where I am looking at it now.

"Anything, what do you want to promise." I ask, again with the same voice, and same tone.

I approach the bed slowly, and sit on the bed next to her, trying not to be too abrupt with the drop, avoiding the chances of making her jump luckily.

" Promise me that...even though this man is forcing us to lose our virginity, that we won't let him lose our first kiss just yet." she says, wanting me not to kiss her.

"I agree with you, I promise." I say sticking out my pinky.

"I promise." she says weaving her pinky finger into mine, perfectly fitting.

I smile at her, and she returns it. Then reality, from what I see hits us both. We stop smiling, and unlock each other's pinky's. I then intertwine my fingers with her, holding her hand, and kiss her on her nose, which reassures her that it is time. She lets out one last tear, and then.....blank.

The whole motion picture just pauses, I try to think past it, but it would not play again. It is almost like it is frozen. My memory, goes blank once more, and then I feel a wash over of relief. I mind relaxes again, and I feel less under pressure. That odd feeling in my stomach also loosens to a point where it is non-existent.

But that does not last for long, as my mind flashes me with the memory of the day I found out that Micky was moving to Russia. My stomach once again, feels like it is in knots, and I remember the moment before Lexus came to the house, and my parents were preparing lunch for four.

I remember a man knocking on my window, even though it is not on ground level. I remember him unlocking my window from the outside and jumping in my room, then grabbing me only to cover my mouth with his gloved hand. I then remember finally what the man said before jumping out of the window, making it look like nothing had ever happened.

" You are not allowed to see Micky today, nor when she is in Russia. You will say no to any offer referring to seeing her, and your reason would be because of your love for Lexus. Lexus is now your world. She is the new reason why you live and breathe. You will never try to find Micky, or tell Lexus what happened today, or anybody else in that manner. If you do, not, only Micky would be hurt, but also your mother, and your father would as well as fast as I could say shut-up. Do you understand me?" the man said all in only three breaths, still holding me tight and coving my mouth.

I slowly nod my head, even though it is pressed against his leather coated chest.

"Good." he says, letting go of me. I whip around looking at the window. By the time I could focus on it, I see that he is already on the other side of the window, and just closed it. He put his finger up to his mouth, telling me to keep this quiet, and leaves, getting out of site. But defiantly not out of mind. After a couple of seconds, I collect myself and run to the window, I lock it as soon as I touch the windowsill.

My mind literally rips that memory out of my head as soon as I locked the window, and my stomach is left to feel as crapy as it is, and also for me to not help but look at the window. Even though I have a rough time falling asleep, thinking of Lexus eases my mind. I fall asleep finally, no bad dreams or anything like that, only the thought of Lexus and me, and the day I get to see her again. She did say that she cared for me as much as I might ever care for Micky, and I feel the same way now.

Maura's POV (Niall's mum)

*Ring, ring, ring* I role over slowly, and then peer at the digital clock infront of me. Eight o'clock. I then snap back into reality, and see that the phone is ringing. I pick it up.

"Hello, good morning." I say politely, trying not to sound like I just woke up.

"Hello, yes, this is Niall's therapist on the phone." a man says.

"Oh, yes." I say.

"Yes, and I need to talk to ya about something crucial happening to Niall."

My mouth drops, and my brow furrows as I think of what possibly could be wrong with my little boy.

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