The Lights

Best friends Sienna and Brim decide to go on a road trip together the summer before they start collage. But when they meet 5 boys from England that are also planning on spending the summer on the road, and choose to go with them, will the time spent end in tears, or love? (One Direction not famous)


2. The Suprise

 "Alright, as you know, this is going to be our last summer," I say to Brim as she counts her freckles on her arms. She nods. "So, I decided to make it memorable by renting us a camper to go on a road trip!" I try to excite her, but she just glances up and rolls her eyes, chuckling. "Im not kidding. Follow me!" I grab her hand.

 Me and Brim both still live in our parents houses, but we are both moving out soon enough cause of collage. We are both 19 and have been out of school for a year now, working full-time at a diner called The Lights. We have worked there since we were 16, but still don't know why its called that.

 I lead Brim out to the garage, opening the door and flipping on the lights. Brim's reaction is priceless, her mouth ajar and her rapid blinking. "Holy sh**! You bought, THIS!?" she giggles and screams at the same time. "No...rented." I correct, but Brim still jumps up and down and squeals.

 "Lets leave tomorrow!" She squeaks. I grab her arm, Brim goes through phases when she is exited. First, shocked. Then screaming and cussing, giggling, jumping up and down, and then crazy ideas. "I talked to both of our parents. We are leaving on Friday, okay?" I laugh at her slow nods. "Friday?" she repeats to make sure.

"Yes, Friday."


A/N: Sorry for such short chapters...

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