The Lights

Best friends Sienna and Brim decide to go on a road trip together the summer before they start collage. But when they meet 5 boys from England that are also planning on spending the summer on the road, and choose to go with them, will the time spent end in tears, or love? (One Direction not famous)


1. The Camper

"Here it is, miss. The camper has everything you need." says the salesman. Well, I doubt it has everything, but it will work.

 "All the repairs are made. You just attach it to the car and WALLA! This beauty will definitely bring you through the summer." he coaxes. He doesnt need anymore of that. im already sold. "Thanks sir. Me and my friend really appreciate it." I confirm to him that he wont need to persist any further. Truth is- Brim hasnt the slightest idea im here right now- renting us a camper I expect to take us across the country.

 Its a surprise that I am giving to her in celebration that we are both starting collage next year, and this summer will be our last together. Me and Brim have known each-other since 6th grade and haven't been separable since then. Now we are both going to separate University's.

 Brim has always been the creative, loud one. She is going to Rhode Island School of Design. While I, the smart and dorky one has gotten a scholarship to the Harvard University. Lucky me, huh?

 Thats why I just know Brim will be so surprised that I can pull off such an amazing idea of a road trip. Because to her I have always been the girl that is scared of roller-coasters, and skipping school. "Alright, heres the keys." the salesman hands me the keys with no hesitation, probably because I look so responsible. "Thanks, she'll be back by the end of the summer good as new!" I grab the keys and the Manual of Operation and the Code of Conduct forms that I have to keep with me at all times, and I am out the door.


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