The Lights

Best friends Sienna and Brim decide to go on a road trip together the summer before they start collage. But when they meet 5 boys from England that are also planning on spending the summer on the road, and choose to go with them, will the time spent end in tears, or love? (One Direction not famous)


3. Brim's Morning

 Brim's POV:

   I wake up on a Friday morning more jumpy than ever. Sienna told me, "Brim, you better be outside by 10 AM!" so, I wake up at 8:00.

  Bags packed, I take a shower. "Brianna! Better get ready!" I wince at the name my mom gave me. Brianna? Seriously, even when I was a baby I hated that name. When I met Sienna in middle school, she had just moved from Ireland. I guess she couldn't pronounce Brianna, cause she just called me Brim.

 "God mom! I am!" I yell back at her. I turn on the fosset, wash my hair and body, and hop out. I ring out my hair and wrap a towel around my body. The mirrors are foggy, so I carefully write, BRIM in bold letters. Then, I wipe away all of the steam and look at myself. My long brown hair is stringy and plastered to my skull, but the rest of me looks clean. I have never been a big make-up fan, so I just put on mascara, lip balm, and a fair amount of eye shadow. I blow dry my hair and brush it out, the drier and brush straighten it out, but the rest I use a straightener for. I put on my favorite pair of jeans along with a V-neck and high-tops. All-in-all, I look pretty regular. Its usually this style for me daily, and I'm not trying to impress anybody, so I'm happy. 

 I grab me suitcases and backpack and run downstairs. "Food?" I smile at me mom. She shakes her head and points to the table where my brothers sit. I have 7 brothers. Yes- seven. There is Andy-5, Jayden-5, Chris-7, Anthony-10, Brandon-13, Devon- 17, and finally Ben, who is 18. Its pretty hard with seven brothers, but luckily, I am the oldest. I despise every single one of them except Ben. He is a close friend of mine in this family, the rest of these little monsters you can never trust.

 "Here, Brim." Brandon hands me a pancake. "Thanks," I snatch it from him and stuff it into my mouth, swallowing it in 2 bites. "Well, I'll miss you, sissy." Ben walsk over and wraps a arm around my shoulders and I brush him away. I roll my eyes and watch as Sienna pulls up in her Honda, heaving a camper in the back.

 "Your all ready, right? You have everything?" my mom starts to panic. I couldn't blame her, my dad left when I was 5, so most of the boys never met him. The younger boy's dad died when they were young, too. So basically, yes, I am leaving my mom with 7 boys. "Dont worry mom, love you." I kiss her on the cheek and grab my bags. "Bye mom! Bye boys!" I call as I run outside.

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