Summer Love

Taylor and her two friends Maddy and Courtney leave Australia to go to London for their summer break. They meet the One Direction boys but hat will happenb when everyone starts falling? and with only three girls will the boys break their friendships?


4. Um Morning?

Taylor’s P.O.V

I opened my eyes and the sun streamed through the window, damn I forgot to close the curtains last night. I looked at my phone and it was only 6am, not too bad. I decided to have a shower. Once I was dry I put on tank top with a leopard on it and a pair of pink shorts. I walked downstairs and no one was up like I expected so I decided to go to the beach. I left a note for the girls and went out the back glass sliding doors. I walked along the beach passing the holiday house next to us wondering who was in there. I walked to the end of the beach and sat down next to the rock face. I just sat looking at the small waves crash on the shore and enjoying the morning breeze.

“Um morning.” I quickly turned my head as it was a male’s voice. The sun was in my eyes so I couldn’t see him clearly. “Hi” I said politely. “You must be the girl in the other holiday house.” He said sitting down next to me. “Sit down please.” I sat sarcastically while smiling. “Oh sorry ill um leave.” He said getting up but I grabbed his arm before he could go anywhere. “I was being sarcastic sorry. I’m Taylor.” I said smiling as he sat back down. “Liam but I guess you already knew that.” He said giggling. Wow his accent was familiar and the name but I can’t see him so its hard to understand what he meant. “Well I actually can’t see you because of the sun.” we both laughed. I got up and stood in front of Liam so I could see him. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it couldn’t be, Liam Payne from One Direction? I was completely fan girling in my head but I managed to keep clam surprisingly. “Oh yeah I know you.” I said sitting back down. He looked at me shocked. “What?” I asked while laughing. “Not gonna fan girl or scream in my face?” he asked while laughing. “Well if that’s what you’re in to.” I took a deep breathe but before I could scream or fan girl Liam’s hand was over my mouth. “No its fine.” He said laughing. He let his hand off my mouth. “But but your Liam Payne.” I said all excitedly. We both laughed. I spent the rest of the morning talking to Liam and laughing. WE found out we were staying for the same time so I guess I would be seeing him more. “I better go.” I said looking back at the house. “Yeah me to, I’ll walk you.” He said helping me up. “But Liam its so far away from your house I don’t want any hassle for you.” I said jokingly. “I think I can deal with it.” He said smiling. WE walked back laughing and talking. We both walked up our separate paths talking across the fence. I stopped outside the door with my hand ready to open it. “Well I guess I will have no choice but to see you so I’ll see you round.” I said making it sound like I was disappointed. “You’re gonna love it.” He said winking I laughed and opened the door. “See you Liam.” “Bye Taylor.” I walked in and didn’t notice till I shut the door that Maddy and Courtney were staring at me. They didn’t have to say anything I knew I had to explain. “From the start?” I asked. They all nodded.

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