Summer Love

Taylor and her two friends Maddy and Courtney leave Australia to go to London for their summer break. They meet the One Direction boys but hat will happenb when everyone starts falling? and with only three girls will the boys break their friendships?


9. Thoughts, Doubt and Dreams

Courtney’s P.O.V

When we walked into the house Taylor grabbed both of us and raced into the sitting room. We all sat down and before we could say anything Taylor jumped up. “I just want to take this second to remember we just spend the night with One fricking Direction!” We all jumped up and started fangirling. “Okay I said second not minute.” Taylor said laughing. We were all laughing and sat down. “Okay I want to know whats happening with Louis Courtney and whats happening with Harry Maddy.” Taylor said with her head in her hands looking at us both for answers. “Well I don’t know Louis and I talked last night and tonight and I think I like him but I don’t think he feels the same about me.” I said looking at the ground. “I know I had no chance with Niall so why should I tell myself otherwise. “Courtney did you not hear Zayn when he came down he said Louis talked about you. Do you think he would’ve done that if he didn’t have feelings for you?” Taylor said as she knelt on the ground in front of me grabbing my hands. “Thanks Taylor.” I said getting up and hugging her. “Im going to bed see you tomorrow.” Taylor and Maddy said goodbye and I walked into my room. Was Taylor right? Does he actually have feelings for me? I mean he Louis Tomlinson from One Direction he is just Louis, a guy from Doncaster that made a career from the thing he loved, singing,

Maddy’s P.O.V

When Courtney went up to bed Taylor just looked at me with a cheek smile. “What?” I asked sitting back down. “Oh don’t act dumb with me.” She said sitting down next to me. “Did yo use the way Harry looked at you and got all nervous when he came down? As he would say, he fancies you.” Taylor said nudging me. “Yeah I guess but I don’t know, its hard I mean he is such a flirt with like you.” I couldn’t help but notice that Harry would always make comments to Taylor and I thought he had feelings for her. “Maddy its because I give it back and trust me I don’t have feelings for him and im not picking up that he has any towards me. He is different with you, you can tell by the way he looks at you.” Taylor said with a big smile on her face. “Don’t doubt yourself.” Taylor said before hugging me. “Im off to bed. See you tomorrow.” Taylor said as she walked out. “Goodnight.” I called after her. I remember wen Taylor used to be shy and reserved and now look at her. She was having fun and being herself with the boys and most of all she was happy. I walked up the stairs to my room and got into bed. I hope Taylor was right. Harry was so fun and bubbly and I would be lying if I said he wasn’t attractive. Although Taylor told me not to doubt myself I still do in a way. I guess only time will tell, but hopefully it will work out.

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