Summer Love

Taylor and her two friends Maddy and Courtney leave Australia to go to London for their summer break. They meet the One Direction boys but hat will happenb when everyone starts falling? and with only three girls will the boys break their friendships?


12. The Date


Taylor’s P.O.V

Liam took my hand as soon as the door shut and began to walk.

“Where are we going?” I asked looking at Liam for an answer.

“The town is just a 15 minute walk from the holiday houses and it’s small so I hopefully won’t get noticed. But I’m not telling you what place we are eating.” Liam says smiling. I was to engulfed in the conversation to even realise that Liam had just led me into an old pizza place.

“You must be Liam, your table is over here.” The lady said guiding us to the table. “Your food will be out shortly.” She said before leaving.

“I already ordered everything so I hope you like it.” Liam said innocently. He was so sweet, I cant believe I’m on a date with him. It’s not because he is Liam Payne from One Direction its just because well he is every girls dream guy and I get to have a date with him, he's sweet, he's kind, he's romantic, he is extremely goodlooking and he has an amazing personality. The pizza’s came out and they were amazing. Liam started mucking around with the food making me laugh. I started doing the same and Liam was laughing as well. After about 2 hours at the pizza place Liam paid for the bill and we walked out.

“We still have desert.” Liam said with a big smile on his face, taking my hand and dragging me along the road. Liam ordered a sundae for two at the ice-cream shop. We sat down and ate it again mucking around and laughing.

“Oi Liam.” I said getting him to turn. His face went into my spoon with ice-cream on it. I started laughing at the shocked expression on Liam's face.

“Oi Taylor.” Liam said before flicking ice-cream at me and it landing on my mouth.

“Thanks babe I was hungry.” I said licking it off and laughing.


When we finished the ice-cream we walked back but when we reached the house Liam took me to the beach, to the spot we meet every morning. We sat down except I turned to look at Liam. The wind was cold, a shiver went down me making goose bumps appear. I don’t know how Liam knew but he gave me his jumper he had been carrying around all night. I put it on without complaint and looked back at Liam.

“I had a great time tonight.” I said looking into Liams eyes that sparkled in the dim moonlight.

“Me too.” Liam whispered. I looked into this eyes, those beautiful eyes, the eyes that caught my attention the very first day. His eyes looked down at my lips. He looked back at my eyes and then leant in closing each centimetre between the two of us. I leant in closing the gap faster. Soon our lips were touching and Liam pulled me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I wanted to do that all night.” Liam whispered with our foreheads still touching. I felt myself blush.

“We better get back its late.” Liam said while getting up. He helped me up and we walked back hand in hand.

“I will see you tomorrow.” Liam said while grabbing my other hand spinning me to face him.

“You know were I will be.” I said smiling.

“I’ll be there.” Liam said before kissing me again. Maddy and Courtney were already asleep so I went straight to bed and I couldn’t get the smile off my face, tonight was the best night of my life.


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