Summer Love

Taylor and her two friends Maddy and Courtney leave Australia to go to London for their summer break. They meet the One Direction boys but hat will happenb when everyone starts falling? and with only three girls will the boys break their friendships?


6. Ready?

Taylor’s P.O.V  

Again another early morning, really? I had a shower, braided my hair and put on shorts, a tank top and a baggy jumper. I walked down stairs and it was only six so I decided to go to the beach again. “Hey I just met you and this is crazy but I want to talk so chill maybe?” I turned around to look at Liam walking down. “With you… I’d rather not.” I turned all snobby and let out a little giggle. I felt someone pull my around. “Don’t act like you don’t want to.” Liam was centimetres away from my face, I could feel his breath. I couldn’t speak, what was wrong with me this never happens. “Who says I was acting?” “Me, and I can tell you had fun yesterday.” “Fine Liam you win.” I couldn’t help it I mean what else was I meant to do? He was so adorable and honestly I was hoping he came again this morning, although I saw him yesterday it felt like forever. “Where were you going?” Liam asks as he let go of me. “Same spot as yesterday.” Liam and I walked to the same spot and sat down and talked like yesterday.

“Oi Taylor I got breakfast get back here and talk to him later!” I quickly turn to see Maddy yelling from the door of the house.  “Liam I agree talk to her later Harry made breakfast and I’m going to eat it so hurry!” Niall yells from Liam’s house. I look at Liam at we both burst out laughing. “Better get back then.” Liam said as he helped me up. We talking and did the same thing as yesterday. “See you soon then.” I said as I reached the door. “Sooner than you think.” With that Liam walked inside. What the hell did he mean? Oh well. I went and had breakfast with Maddy and Courtney and we agreed to go and enjoy the beach today. I sat and watched TV while I was waiting for the girls to get ready. I was about to go see what was taking the girls so long when I heard I knock on the door. Aunty Michelle and Uncle Lewis aren’t coming for a few days who could it be?

Liam’s P.O.V

When I was having breakfast with the boys I asked if we could have Taylor and her friends over, they all said yes luckily. As soon as I finished I decided to go and ask her. I was going to go to the back door but I decided to be polite. It felt like forever waiting for that front door to open. I was looking at the ground when I saw the door open. There she was, beautiful as always. I know she wasn’t wearing anything special but there was something about her. “Um hey Taylor I was wondering if you and your friends wanted to come over tonight so you can meet the boys.” The biggest smile grew on her face. “That would be great. When should we come?” “is 5 okay?” “Perfect.” “Okay ill see you then.” I walked back to my house and I knew I was smiling like an idiot but I didn’t care. “I’m guessing she’s coming.” Niall said laughing. I nodded and walked into my room. I really couldn’t wait till tonight.

Taylor’s P.O.V

“Maddy! Courtney! How long are you guys going to take? You missed out on something pretty exciting.” I yelled up the stairs to where the girls are. As soon as I finished I heard the sounds of footsteps and saw Maddy and Courtney running down. “What!? What?!” they both yelled at me. “WE are going to the boy’s house tonight.” “Oh that’s it?” “Maddy you know your excited.” “Who wouldn’t be!?” she yelled. Courtney and I both laughed. “But nice acting babe.” We went to the beach and sun baked until we got hungry and went and had something to eat. By the time we finished it was 3 so we decided to go and get ready. “Ready?” I asked as we all walked out our rooms. Courtney and Maddy nodded and we all walked over to the boys house.

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