Summer Love

Taylor and her two friends Maddy and Courtney leave Australia to go to London for their summer break. They meet the One Direction boys but hat will happenb when everyone starts falling? and with only three girls will the boys break their friendships?


7. Meeting the Boys

Liam’s P.O.V

I was waiting in the front lounge room waiting for Taylor and the other girls to come. I was just about to go and get a drink when there was a knock at the door. I ran towards the door and stood there and took a deep breathe. Wait what was wrong with me, I’ve never been this nervous. I opened the door and saw Taylor standing there smiling. “Hi.” She said sweetly, wow she had an amazing accent. “Hello. You must be Maddy and Courtney.” I said smiling to the other girls. “Hey I’m Maddy.” Maddy had dirty blonde hair that was almost a light brown. She definitely was the more outgoing of the two. She had eyes that reminded me of a mix between Niall’s and Harrys. “Nice to meet you.” I said shaking her hand. “So you’re Courtney.” I said putting my hand out for Courtney to shake. “Nice to meet you.” She said. She had the same hair colour as Maddy but maybe a little lighter. Her eyes reminded me of Niall’s, blue. “Come in.” I said with my hand out and leaning against the door. “Boys come here!” I yelled as I shut the door. Louis was the first out of course. He said he met Courtney last night. “Hey Louis, I’m Taylor.” “Nice to meet you. Liam’s told me a lot about you.” “Oh has he?” Taylor said looking at me which made me blush. “Hey, I’m Maddy.” Maddy basically jumped to Louis with her hand out for him to shake, making Taylor and I laugh.

Louis’ P.O.V

After meeting Maddy and Taylor I knew they girl at the end was Courtney. She was beautiful, more beautiful then I imaged. “So you must be Courtney.” I said smiling at her. “Yeah, Hi Louis.” She said nervously looking at the ground. “Don’t worry she normally isn’t this shy.” I hear Taylor say behind me. Courtney looked up and stared at her making everyone laugh. “Its okay I don’t mind.” I said and Courtney looked into my eyes and smiled. “Oh look who decided to come down.” Liam said from behind I turned and saw Zayn. “Hey mate.” “Hey Lou.” He said smiling. “Okay let me guess…. Taylor, Maddy and Courtney.” Zayn then looked at Liam and each of the girls for approval. “Wow have you been stalking us or something?” Maddy said and everyone burst out laughing. “No its just Liam said there are twins and a friend next door and I knew Taylor wasn’t the twin and she doesn’t look similar to the two of you. Louis however, talked to Courtney last night so im guessing he was going to be with her, and well I was right.” Zayn said and stuck out his tongue. “Aww Zayn is Maddy being mean to you.” Taylor said in a babyish way and Hugged Zayn when he nodded and pouted. “Aww baby.” Taylor said hugging him but then quickly pulled away. “Get used to it princess.” She said before walking over to Liam. Every burst out laughing because Zayn’s jaw just dropped. “I’m just helping you get used to it.” Taylor said smiling innocently which sent me into a fit of laughter.

Harry’s P.O.V

“Niall give it back! Come on Liam wants us downstairs to meet his girl.” “Fine ill go downstairs.” Niall said smiling evilly. “Niall get back here!” I yelled before chasing after him. We ran around the 2nd storey of the house for a while but Louis went down the stairs. “Niall!” I yelled from the top and ran down. When I got to the bottom I turned into the front lounge room and just stopped. Who is that? She had dirty blonde hair and gorgeous eyes like mine and Niall’s together. She was talking to Zayn and laughing. I couldn’t help but stare. “Wanna come closer and get a better look or do you want to get your camera out and take a photo.” I quickly snapped back to reality. “Umm sorry I just… umm where is Louis.” “Went that way.” She pointed me in the direction of the kitchen. “Thanks umm…” “Maddy.” She said and gave me a smile. “Thanks Maddy, im Harry. I’ll um be back.” I said before racing into the kitchen. “What took you so long?” Niall asked form the other side of the counter. “How did you not see her.” I said shocked. “See who?” Niall asked confused. “Maddy.” “What about her?” Niall said. “What not about her. Niall shes perfect. How could you not of seen her. Her hair, her smile, her eyes, her accent. Everything Lou.” I almost yelled. “Oh god help us all Harry has it bad!” “Do not!” I protested. “Your input is irrelevant after your list of perfections about Maddy, the girl you barely met or should I say your princess” Niall said over dramatically. “Come on lets go meet them. Not just Maddy all of them.” Niall said making himself laugh.

Taylor’s P.O.V

After the little thing with Harry everyone went back to talking. After a few minutes Louis and Harry came in. “Hey” I said and walked over. “You must be Taylor.” Niall said. “How did you guess.” I ask. “Simple. Liam never shuts up about you. Please tell me you go to Hogwarts and have put a spell on him otherwise your screwed because he has it bad!” Niall says making me laugh. ‘Sorry Niall.” I said while still giggling. “Well Liam’s lucky he got to you first cause your one fit girl.” Harry says and winks. “Who said he did.” I winked back, I was joking though because I had feelings for Liam I just didn’t know how strong yet. “Liam. Taylor and Harry are flirting.” Louis called across the room like a 5 year old. He obviously overheard “Mr 5 year old over here needs to learn sarcasm and to mind his own buisness.” I said poking his belly. “Ouchie. That hurt.” Louis whines. “Oh poor baby.” I say and put on the worst sad face I could. Harry started laughing. “Yeah you’re all Liam’s… Maybe you can make him fun!” Harry yelled the last bit and winked at Liam. “I am fun!” Liam yelled back. I couldn’t stop laughing at the boys they were being so immature. “If you’re so fun why don’t you come and kiss Taylor!” Harry yelled back.


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