Summer Love

Taylor and her two friends Maddy and Courtney leave Australia to go to London for their summer break. They meet the One Direction boys but hat will happenb when everyone starts falling? and with only three girls will the boys break their friendships?


3. Hello Holiday House

Courtney’s P.O.V

“Wake up! Get your butt out of bed and into the car so I can go to the beach house!”  I woke up to Maddy and Taylor yelling at me. “Will I be woken up every day to yelling?” I ask tyring to adjust my eyes to the light. “Depends what we are doing.” Taylor says smiling. They both left the room and I soon followed them down stairs. “Good morning” Aunt Michelle and Uncle Lewis said in chorus. “Morning” I say trying to sound cheerful, I’m really not a morning person. “Once you’re ready we will start driving it’s a couple of hours from here so we will be there sometime in the afternoon.” Uncle Lewis said as he gave me my breakfast. “Sounds great I should be ready soon.” I ate al my breakfast in perfect time because Maddy and Taylor had managed to have both theirs showers in the time it took me to eat.

I ran downstairs with my bags and saw Maddy and Taylor already putting theirs bags in the car. I rushed out and managed to squeeze mine in too. “Got everything?” Uncle Lewis said from the door. We all nodded and he shut the door and headed towards the car. Maddy, Taylor and I sat in the back with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Lewis in the front. “Ready to see your house for the next two months?” Aunt Michelle asked as she turned around to face us. We all nodded with huge smiles. “Well then Lewis off we go.” And with that we start the journey to our beach house.

With stops to refuel, eat, bathroom breaks and sight-seeing we managed to make it to the beach house by 3 in the afternoon. We left the bags in the car and ran up to the house. Taylor had the keys so Maddy and I let her through. Once she opened the door we ran inside. The hallway was beautiful and lead to the other side of the house with door ways to rooms. The first door way was to a room with lounges on each wall in a square, there was another room with two large lounges and a huge flat screen TV. The kitchen had an island bench and was marble grey with white cupboards. The dining room was next to the kitchen without a wall separating it just a space between the island bench. Upstairs were four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Maddy and I got the rooms that had a balcony that you could walk out and look at the beach. Taylor got the room that had a balcony but it faced the holiday house next to us that was almost identical but bigger. Taylor offered to have the room and we agreed because although it didn’t have the view it had an ensuite and walk in wardrobe so we thought that was fair.

After running around the house and sorting out the rooms we decided to go down and get our bags. We got all the bags into the rooms and Michelle and Lewis were unpacking the groceries they had got for us that would last a few days. After unpacking we all walked downstairs to see Uncle Lewis and Aunty Michelle sitting on the lounge talking. “You like it?” Uncle Lewis asked as we sat down on the other lounge. “We’ll manage” Taylor said jokingly. “I think you will.” Uncle Lewis said smiling back. “Well we better head home before it gets to dark but we will be back on Saturday to bring more groceries and check-up but remember you can buy stuff too.” Aunty Michelle said as she got up. We all hugged Aunt Michelle and Uncle Lewis. WE stood at the door and waved goodbye as the car drove away.

After waving goodbye we walked back into the TV rom and sat down. “I have a feeling we aren’t going to want to leave.” I said looking around at the beautiful house. “Then we better make the best of it while we can but right now I just want to relax so movie?” “Sounds great Taylor” we decided to watch The Lucky One.

Taylor’s P.O.V

Once the movie was done I decide to go and relax in my room. “I’m going to go get ready for bed so I can be up early to have a wonderful first day.” I said jumping up from the lounge. “Okay see you tomorrow Tay.” Courtney said. I started walking away when I felt someone touch my shoulder. “Do I not get a hug?” I turned and saw maddy putting on a sad face. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her. “Goodnight Maddy, see you in the morning to go to our private beach.” I said excitedly because the only people allowed on the beach were the people at the two holiday houses. “Sounds good to me.” She said laughing.

As I opened my door I realised I didn’t shut the balcony door. But instead of closing it I went and sat outside. I sat on the chair set up and took out my phone and looked on twitter. “@NiallOfficial: On our way to a beach house for 2 months can’t wait to relax with the boys.” Retweet. “@stairs_with1D: @NiallOfficial already at my beach house a couple of hours from London. Australia goodbye for 2 months hello England!” as the tweet went out and I shuffled my iPod and Want You Back by Cher Lloyd comes on. I got up and start dancing on my balcony singing along. During the song I notice a car pulling up to the holiday house next to us, great not going to be so quiet and secluded like we thought. I kept dancing and singing not thinking much of it. Once the song finished I went inside and got dressed and curled into bed thinking of what tomorrow would bring.

Liam’s P.O.V

Finally we are here! I couldn’t wait to be with the boys away from everyone at the beach house we hired. As we pulled up I noticed the lights to the beach house next to us were on. Damn I really thought no one was going to have booked it out seeing as it was still school here in London. As I got out and grabbed my bags I heard singing. I looked up at the beach house next to us and saw a girl dancing and singing to Cher Lloyd. I laughed at first but then I really started to notice her. She had medium length brown hair that was curly, I couldn’t really see anything else because she was on the second storey and it was dark. She looked really beautiful though and I loved that she was just having fun. Maybe having people in the other beach house wouldn’t be too bad.


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