Summer Love

Taylor and her two friends Maddy and Courtney leave Australia to go to London for their summer break. They meet the One Direction boys but hat will happenb when everyone starts falling? and with only three girls will the boys break their friendships?


10. Expect the Unexpected

Taylor’s P.O.V

Another early morning, I should honestly get used to it. I got ready and put on a pair of black shorts and a tank top with my swimmers underneath. It was 6.30am so I decided to go to the beach again like the other two mornings. I walk past the boys house and look in but I can’t see anyone. I keep walking and fo to the place Liam and I sat the other two mornings. If he wants to keep ti the same he knows where I will be. I sat down looking at the small calm waves ad enjoy the breeze. The wind flew through my hair making my hair fly everywhere. Morning fuzzy.” I hear someone says from beside me but it wasn’t Liam’s voice. “Oh you have a nickname for me too now.” I say turning and smiling to the voice. The accent was noticeable, I knew it was Zayn. “Well it won’t work all the time.” Zayn replied laughing. “Well Malik want to sit down.” I say patting the sand next to me. Zayn sits down smiling. “So is this what you and Liam do every morning?” Zayn asks. “Well it was only two mornigns but yes. Actually I thought he may of come this morning aswell.” I say also making the end sound like a question. “Liam and Niall were up late last night so I don’t think he will be up any time soon.” Zayn replies. Zayn and I talked for what seemed like hours. Im glad he came over because it gave me time to get to know him and honestly he is an amazing guy. “Morning.” I look past Zayn and see Liam standing there. “Um morning.” I say remember ing back to the first morning. Liam smiled. “You and Zayn had a good morning?” Liam asked sitting next to me. “Yeah I would say so what bout you Malik?” I say looking at Zayn smiling. “Yeah fuzzy is great. I better go get in the shower I’ll talk to you later.” Zayn said and got up. “Bye Zayn.” I called. “Bye Taylor.” Zayn said as he turned. What was that? He was al happy and chirpy and as soon as Liam came he was all upset and pissed and then left? Arrggg I will never get guys sometimes. Oh well Liam is finally here.

Zayn’s P.O.V

I was having the best morning with Taylor. I forgot that Liam and her had a thing, I forgot anyone else was even near us. I felt like it was only Taylor and I and that nobody else could destroy it. But when I saw her face light up when Liam came over I knew, I jus knew I had no hope. I could tell she didn’t feel the same way, that I was and always will be just Malik.

Liam’s P.O.V

When I saw Zayn with Taylor jealous boiled through my body. He knew, well at least I thought he knew how I felt. I saw the way Zayn was looking at her last night and I knew if I didn’t keep them as just friends and show Taylor how I truly feel I might lose her and I cant let that happen. I walked over and when I saw Taylor smile everything was great, her smile just brightens up my day. She told me she had braces and that’s why she has a nice smile but I just think its because its genuine and because its her. Zayn left straight away which I found weird, maybe it was because he was mad that I interrupted or maybe he knew that I had feelings for her and he left to give us space. Either way I have to talk to him later, im not one to start fights especially between the five of us boys. But right now I just had to concentrate on Taylor. “Taylor.” I say as Zayn walks away. Taylor turns to face me replacing her confused face with a smile. “Liam.” She said with a little giggle. “I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight, just the two of us.” The whole way down the beach I had been freaking out about this. I even talked to Niall last night about it. I had to tell her tonight I knew it. “I would love to.” She replied as her smile got wider. “Oh and the girls can spend the night with the boys, Niall suggested it so its okay.” I said remembering the conversation with Niall last night. ‘ I will tell them but I’m sure they will say yes.” ‘Well the three of you come over then we will go.” “Sounds great. I better get back and tell the girls then.” Taylor said while getting up. We walked back and talked about random things like the last two morning s and did the exact same routine. “Liam.” Taylor called across the fence. “Yes Taylor.” I replied back. “Do I wearing something nice. “ She asked sweetly. “Yes, well if you want.” “Okay I will see you tonight at 5.” Taylor said smiling as she opened the door. “Bye love.” I said walking in to meet Niall. “Everything good, the twins are coming here and Taylor and I are going out tonight.” “I told you it would work.” Niall said proudly with a mouthful of food. “Better tell the other boys especially Harry.” I said walking out of the room.


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