Anna is dating Harry styles, what happens when she finds out shes preganant and runs away, three years later he finds them in the park. What will happen next?


5. Slaves and Masters (Pg 13)

(I'll put the sex scene in Italic so you can skip over it :) )

Harry parked the car in the driveway, I got Darcy out of her car seat, she was already sleeping and Harry was looking at me with a cocky smile on his face.

I set Darcy in her bed and Harry got out the handcuffs, which belong to my father. He left them on the table last time he visited. He put them on my wrists tightening them. "C'mon slave." He said seductively in my ear, it was almost a purr. Which was almost hilarious. Almost. He lead me to the bedroom, hands behind my back.

"Okay master." I said trying not to burst out into laughter. As soon as we got into the bedroom, he pushed me onto the bed. "I want you so much right now..." He said nibbling my ear. He set me on his lap and I kissed his neck, making him moan. He was hard now. I giggled climbing off his lap. He groaned. "Stop being such a tease, love" He growled. 

"And aren't slaves supposed to obey there masters?" he said getting up. "I'll have to punish you for that." He said leaning me up against the wall, as soon as the last word rolled off his tongue, he kissed me roughly, trying to put his tongue in my mouth. I didn't let him, being the tease I was." Love, I'm the master! Do what I say!" He said roughly. I was scared now. I let his tongue enter my mouth. He praised me, "Good slave." he said. 

He brought me over to the bed once more, bringing my handcuffs up to the head board strapping my them there. He had freedom to do what ever he wanted with me now, and I don't know Harry very well anymore, how do I know he wouldn't just make me one of his one night stands? Get me pregnant again and just leave on purpose? He saw that look on my face and he whispered softly "I'm only playing Babe, don't be scared." The second he said that, my worries slipped away. I kissed him roughly and he started to smile. His hands ventured up to my bra clip. I giggle this time. His hands rest on my chest leaving me breathless. He says "I want you..." again. My reply was a giggly "Okay..."

He kisses me harder, and I start to play with the buttons of his shirt. I pop one open, and he removes my shirt easily as if he has had practice, and at this moment I don't care. I remove his shirt popping each button off as I do. I start to play with his belt next, he moans, making me smile. I giggle as a response.

He starts unbuckling my pants and slides them off carefully. I have trouble removing his so he helps me. I bite his bottom lip and he groans starring at my body, my response was to blush bright red. He starts to slowly kiss down my body, sucking some soft spots on my stomach making me moan. He goes to my underwear slowly sliding them down my legs and throws them across the room. I am really giggly and let out another small giggle. He starts to stare at my body and I start to feel self conscious. He smiles at me and slowly starts singing little things. "i know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape 

you never want to know how much you weigh  you still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me" he sang softly against my neck. He kisses up my chest stopping at my bra removing it with his teeth. I remove his boxers, with his help. I start to breathe heavy now, and I smile at him. He groans again "I-I want you." I agree. "Ready?" he asked me. "Yes" I reply breathless. He bites his lip and puts protection on. "Okay..."

He enters me. I moan, sweat forms on my face. He smiles and thrust in faster hitting my g-spot. I moan really, really loud. his face is showing that he wants more, and I was ready to give it to him, except Darcy walked in and was starring at us. I suddenly notice my Daughter and try to tell Harry, but just as I try he thrust in harder. "You're so tight babe." he says smiling. He squeezes my bum, and rubs my body.

I manage to get two words out. "Harry, Darcy." I said panting. "What?" he says utterly confused, as he starts to go harder making the bed shake. I scream with pleasure in attempt to talk. But I manage to say "Darcy is watching." He is still confused. "Darcy?" He asked. "She's watching us." I manage to get out before I moan again. He finally got it "Oh.My.God." he said as he pulled a couple of blankets over us. He thrust in three more times before pulling out. "Mmh" He said, completely pleased with him self. "Now we have to deal with Darcy, Harry." I said getting up, to get my underwear...

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