Anna is dating Harry styles, what happens when she finds out shes preganant and runs away, three years later he finds them in the park. What will happen next?


2. Ice cream

" Darcy! Calm down! Mummy is busy!" I shouted at my almost three year old daughter, jumping up and down for ice cream. "What flavor?" The ice cream man asked. "Irish Butterscotch!" She said jumping up and down. She was just like her father. The man handed her, her ice cream, and I handed him a five. "Keep the change." I said and walked away holding Darcy's hand. "Hey mummy? Darcy said. "Hmm" I replied looking ahead. "Tell me more about daddy?" she asked with ice cream all over her face.

"Well your daddy was extremely cute, and you have his hair and eyes." I smiled at her. 

Suddenly, I heard a shaky voice behind me. " Anna?" the voice said. It rang warning bells in my ears...

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