Anna is dating Harry styles, what happens when she finds out shes preganant and runs away, three years later he finds them in the park. What will happen next?


1. How it all began

No! No, Harry I did not cheat on you!" I screamed at him. "Yes you did Anna, I freaking saw the pictures!" He screamed back. The boys were listening closely through the door. He brought his hand up, at first I thought he was gonna hit me, instead he snatched the pharmacy bag from my hand, thank god I had taken the pregnancy test out earlier. "Why do you need anti-depressants?" he asked angrier then he was. "I was diagnosed with depression." I said looking down.

"You were diagnosed with depression?" he asked his voice softer now. I really wasn't, but I needed something to put in the bag. After he said that I ran to the bathroom.

I quickly took the test, it was just as I suspected, positive. "No!" I cried and slid down the door. "Anna, are you okay?" He asked through the door. "No! Harry, I'm leaving!" I shouted and threw the pregnancy test in my pocket. I quickly ran and gathered my already packed clothes. "Please, please baby don't go. Baby please don't go." Harry kept saying as I ran out the door past the boys.

And that's how it all began....

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