Anna is dating Harry styles, what happens when she finds out shes preganant and runs away, three years later he finds them in the park. What will happen next?


3. Harold

" H-harry?" I asked, hiding Darcy carefully behind my back. He runs up and hugs me. "Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's you!" He said hugging me. "Me neither, what have you been up to?" I say trying to make small talk. He smiles at me and said, " Nothing, making albums, just being me." He lets go of me and says, "I missed you beautiful." Every thing went in slow motion after that. 

Darcy quickly said, "Mummy who's that?" I stiffened and quickly said, " I missed you too"

"Mummy?" Harry asked clearly confused. " Yeah, Harry, I would like you to meet my daughter Darcy." I said the words sliding carefully off my tongue. " You named her Darcy?" He said smiling and saying hi to my baby girl.

" You said that's what you want t-" I said but he cut me off.

"I know but shes not ours." He said picking Darcy up. " How do you know?" I said a little offended, obviously he didn't want this to be our baby.

"Is she?" He says, hesitantly.

"Yes" Is all I say...


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