Anna is dating Harry styles, what happens when she finds out shes preganant and runs away, three years later he finds them in the park. What will happen next?


4. Getting Back together

His eyes got big and he started to shout. "I GOT YOU PREGNANT?!?" 

I looked down, this time it came out in a whisper. "Yes." A few seconds after that he says carefully not to upset me." Babe, why didn't you tell me?" 

"I thought you wouldn't want to know after the fight." I said quietly, " That's the night I found out." My voice almost a whisper. He wraps his arms around me. " Babe of course I would want to know! I wanted you to stay! I tried calling you so many times."

I hug him back tightly." Babe I'm so sorry and I want to be part of this now. And O.M.G I missed everything!" He said with tears in his eyes.

" I want to be her daddy, I want to spoil her, and love and care for her." He says with tears in his eyes. " I want to be with you." He said looking down.

"Really?" I start to tear up now.

" Yes." He said clearly embarrassed, then he turned to Darcy.

"Hi Darcy! I'm Daddy!" He said in a real cheery voice.

Darcy looks at him closely. " I thought mummy was just being silly when she told me that!" She giggles.

"Anna, I've been meaning to ask you, I regretted that night for these three years-" I cut him off.

"Of course, I'll be with you again Harry." I say looking into his bright green eyes.

"Yes!" He says and picks me up and kisses me, legs wrapping around his waist. The kiss deepened and he  set me on the park bench. Just to break the moment Darcy screamed "EW!"

I laughed. He turned to me and said, " We will finish this later." I was like he was threatening me in a seductive tone. "Okay master, I'm your slave, bring on the shackles." I said and he looked please with my answer. "Okay slave, lead the way to your house, I need you to be useful" He growled seductively in my ear. I picked Darcy up and we ran to my car...  

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