Down Castle Street

walking down the street is normal right, what happens when you can see the past the future of the most memorable events that ever happened on the same date.

This is for a competition so please take a look and like i would appreciate comments.


3. The 10th of November 3012

Wake up

I scream still blinded by fear. My mind is a blank until one thought emerges struggling to the surface. Why am I not dead?

I take a look around I'm  in a sterile white room with a bright green wall opposite the white bed I'm sitting in. I'm wearing some sort of blue suit kind of like what a scuba suit looks like. There is a slick couch with pads on either side. with a hovering table. When I look closely nothing seems to be touching the floor sort of floating a few centimetres above the white tiles.

This is when I start experiencing what I think to be a panic attack. Thoughts race through my mind and I can't seem to grab at any, until they slow down enough to know that its happened again. 

"Mother she's Having one of her episodes again" A girl says whilst rolling her eyes. I don't know who she is talking to because there is no mother near her. As I finish this thought the Opposite wall becomes a screen which reveals an anxious middle aged women with  black her and brown eyes which have crows feet. She has a commanding voice which is full of with anxiety when she says "Computer check her vital statistics" The suit lights up a dull green which proceeds to scan me from head to toe.

The monotone computer replies that I have lost my memory again but I am fine otherwise. This is followed by an exasperated sigh from the girl who abruptly leaves the room. 

The women says her presumably well rehearsed speech when she says I'm all right even though I'm clearly not. Its apparently the tenth of November 3012. She says she's my mother and the girl my older sister. I nod slowly because words refuse to form and my mind is now disconnected from my body because all I want to do is to shout at the injustice of it. Why me? am I crazy, shouldn't I be in some  sort of asylum?

The computer gives me a schedule saying we're going to a historical sight and if I remembered I would be excited. Nothing comes out because how do you talk to a computer.

For breakfast we get three coloured cubes a substitute for real food.When I ask  they look at me strangely saying that after the world drought of 2089 they had to make substitutes. The girl her name is Hanna gives me a tablet entitled The World History Encyclopaedia. 

The computer tells us we're going to see a historical site as we get into a car.  I cannot believe how much the world has changed. My heart aches for all I have lost. Do my family and friends miss me ? Do they even know? Silent tears make tracks down my face and I wipe them away, but the women notices. She doesn't say anything but looks at me with unfathomable eyes. My lips move into a crooked half hearted smile but her face doesn't change, so I look away.

No one talks until the car glides silently to a stop outside a huge building. We get tagged at the door and get our hands scanned, I have no idea why but I figure it's some sort of recognition device. When we get inside we get shown seats with other people who are all engrossed in some kind of gadget. I thought the future would be really different but something are the same as in the year 2012 but not much.

We wait until everyone has been seated. A lady brings us to attention saying we were going to see something special a "perfectly  preserved street of the year 2012" this immediately gets my attention and my throat seems dry all of a sudden. I guess I never thought I would see the year again. It seams the atmosphere has changed into a sort of charged anticipation. Everyone is waiting and we all soon glued to the women's every word. I catch some of  her words but my mind is mostly hazy. The lady leads us to the biggest doors I have ever seen, she proceeds to punch in a code to the panel at the side, everyone around me is tense and so am I. When the doors open I gasp loudly but mine is lost among the many exclamations from the people around me I also notice the women who is supposed to be my mother looking at me closely. I don't know what for maybe she knows something because the street is Castle street where I used to live before all this happened.

We get shown the houses and I stumble along in a sort of daze. The lady mentions some sort of war but I don't listen because we have come to my house and I'm afraid to know what it's really like. When we go in     my heart falls because it doesn't look anything like my house, and I'm suddenly filled with over whelming urge to burst into tears. 

The women continues but her voice hurts my ears now. I raise my hands to stop the noise and my 'mother' notices, she opens her mouth to say something, but I don't hear because I am already falling. 

My eyes flutter to a blinding white light and I think I must be dead because that is what people say they see, I also start to take in my surrounding and lying in a bed is hopefully not what awaits. At my side seats the girl who looks angry and I guess at me. The women looks at me with no emotions and flatly tells me I suffered another 'episode' She is not the same women from this morning and I wonder why. 

She also tell me that I am going for an operation in a few hours. This fills me with dread because of everything I know and they wouldn't understand the fact that I don't belong here in their world. When I voice my protest, she tells me I agreed and it had been planned. I look a the girl for help but she looks at me coldly, I turn away to beg her when a women brings an injection which she inject into my arm. My body feels leaden but I am still aware of my surrounding although they seam far away. My body feels like its under water and it is not a nice feeling. The nurse presses the pad at the side of my bed and it start to glide through the door to what I know to be surgery.

I scream but nothing comes out, why isn't the injection working. I am still awake. I panic at the thought of them operating on me while I'm still awake.

Masked fingers with scalpels and tyndallers edge closer to my face and I can't help but scream even though nothing comes out of my mouth. I try to desperately move my body so they can stop but not one muscle moves. I am committed to being operated on while I am fully aware. The room suddenly becomes my own personal nightmare. The figure raises the knife and I will myself to black out...













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