Down Castle Street

walking down the street is normal right, what happens when you can see the past the future of the most memorable events that ever happened on the same date.

This is for a competition so please take a look and like i would appreciate comments.


2. The 10th of November 1495

I come to, it must have been a while because everything seems different. I brush my hand tentatively across my forehead to feel for any bumps. I let out a groan when I find one, no wonder I have a raging headache. 

"Do you need help" a girl asks with an inquiring tone.

"No I'm fine" I say wondering if Cam is still waiting for  me.

The girl  helps me up from the pavement when I notice what she is wearing; She isn't wearing any shoes which makes her feet dirty, She is wearing a long plain brown dress with crudely sown sleeves and a white headdress covering her hair. I wonder where she comes from and why she is dressed this way when I realise that I am wearing the same thing.

"Hurry we will be late, and the Lady will not be pleased, this makes the third time you have fallen don't make a habit of it" she chides me,as if she's known me for a long time.

"What do you mean three times, I don't know you, do I?" I start to panic I don't even know why I'm wearing these clothes. I figure I must have hit my head pretty hard because  I am now hallucinating and it is not a nice feeling.

"Tell me do you know the date, and what your name is, I think you must have hit your head when you fell"

"Well...Its the 10th of November 2012" I automatically reply I would know because I check my phone everyday.

Looking at me strangely she says slowly "It is the 10th of  November, but its actually 1495"

I stare at her blankly wondering if she needs to see the docter. I look around and I see what has been staring me in the face the whole time.

I am not in the twenty first century.

"Wha- What, is, going, on" the words stumble out of my mouth. I am terrified, and I don't know what is real and what is not.

The girl looks at me strangely before enunciating slowly that her name is Camilia after her master's great aunt. Taking me slowly she tells me that we're on Riverside lane and That because of the war between the bloody English and the Scots a castle is being built.Walking down what used to be Castle street back in the future is odd but strangely fascinating, and not what I thought it would be like, not that I think of the past or anything, its more the future.

Asking her about the castle she tells me that its going to be a sort of fort to stave off the English if they come down river. We finally stop outside a large mansion with chimneys coughing up black smoke onto the opaque sky above. We enter through the back door, I rightly guess the servants door. 

We enter the kitchen, various pots bubbling happily away. A stout women shouts out at me that the mistress has been calling for me urgently. She ushers me quickly through the door, confused I wander down the hall peaking discretely into the lavish rooms until the face of a distressed plump women beckons me urgently into the room. 

She whispers glancing around the room, her eyes searching the room for something, "It has happened again my dear, I do not  know who to tell, to turn to, except for you. I received an unstamped letter addressed to me saying I am next" Her voice growing shrill by the second. Telling her to calm down I rack my brain trying to remember futilely. What is she talking about, could she possibly be in danger? Telling her to rest and promising I would talk to her tomorrow, not really thinking it must be true, only dramatic muttering of a bored women.

The sun streams through where grime doesn't cover the window to someone roughly shaking me and yelling in my face, with many people looking on.


My mind clears as the fog lifts, as I hear the accusing word. I start to speak, but the man harshly back hands me screaming they wouldn't here the words of a murderer. My heart flutters wildly in my chest I look around for a familiar face to back me up, help me. My eyes cross and lock with Camilia's begging her to help me. She looks away. My heart sinks as I realise no one would help me.

I get shoved in the back of a wagon. Tears stream down my face. Why, why me?

I get sent to the police station where I'm told my verdict will be guilty and because I murdered my mistress. I'm told I will not speak for myself and by sunset tomorrow I will be dead. 

I get dragged into a damp hole called a prison. There is damp straw for a bed and I am not alone, rats scurry back and forth and I envy them right now, wishing I wasn't going to die tomorrow. My tears have dried up now and all I feel is dread.

The sun eventually comes up, against my fervent wishes. I sit and wait...

Four grim faced men with chains come up to the bars and silently open the door and bind my feet and hands with the chains. They drag me with them outside where a crowd have come to see the latest entertainment.


I had been silent all this time, but I start struggling as I see the bloodied axe waiting for me. I scream and curse pleading them to let me go. This falls on deaf ears. They push me down on my knees and push my head on the blood crusted wooden table.My vision blurry I wait.

I hear the axe dragging towards me, the executioner's feet standing by me, the axe rises and I squeeze my eyes tears leaking through.

I wait and hear the whush of air as the axe comes speeding down...









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