Down Castle Street

walking down the street is normal right, what happens when you can see the past the future of the most memorable events that ever happened on the same date.

This is for a competition so please take a look and like i would appreciate comments.


4. 10/09/12

I close my eyes prepared for the masked figure with his knife, when I don't feel anything I open my eyes slowly to the anxious eyes of a stranger.

My heart tighten as I realise its happened again.

"Where am I?"I ask nervously to the person

"I saw you fall and I came to help you" she replies warily "can you tell me the date and year" she asks.

"Its the tenth of November 2012" I mutter. She looks relieved and I guess I am right. I'm happy to be home. The girl asks to take me home but I  tell her I'm fine and proceed to walk back up my street, wary in case something happens again. It doesn't and I open the Heavy door to my flat.


A man stands unnoticed by an unmarked car and replies on his mobile "The experiment worked" as he watches the subject enter her flat. He waits for the memory loss to take place, she should come out in a minute to go about her plans.

I think to myself as I stand by the door shouldn't I be seeing my friend. I should take a coat before I leave since I don't even know what its like outside. A strong sense of deja vu fills me, and I shrug thinking nothing of it. Outside I notice a black car which I haven't seen before, I think nothing of it, probably new neighbours

The man watches the girl look at his car curiously and walking away. He smiles a cold smile and repeats "The experiment is a success" 




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