P.S I am Still in Love with You

"Everyday, Every Moment, Every Minute that goes by there is not a single Second that I don't think about you"

Katrina your average teenager, goes to school and studies the best she could ever... But when fate gives her a chance to meet a member of The Collective will she favor the outcome it will have in her life? or will her parents pull her away before she even gets the chance? Find out in "P.S I am Still in Love with You"

Author's Notes : Read... comment :) ... I love to hear your perspectives on the story. Fan, Favorite & Like... It would really meant a lot to me ♥

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1. Prologue.

"It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone." - Anonymous

~ ♥ Prologue ♥ ~

Monday Morning ...

Holding within her cold, bare hand her notes; stressfully revising. It was a cold, gloomy but sunny autumn Monday morning. She sat up poised on her bed as the shimmering glare of light beaming out of her window ceiling blinds; with the shade of baby blue piercing through the cracks of the blinds. She staring blankly as the words on the page just mirrored her as even though mocking her. Rubbing her eyes, battering them as she slowly approached the window, lying the paper on her bed and sighed. Walking towards the window and fully opening the blinds; shredding a bright glare straight into her eyes. Once her eyes adjusted towards the brightness, she turned the opened window. Glancing.  Focusing and admiring the nature blossoming out of her window. Hearing the birds singing in perfect melodic tune was music to her ears. Everything was filled with happiness whereas her room completely contrast, her lavender sheets with all surrounding four walls covered in photographs of her and her friends, how the room looked dull due to the shadow of the furniture; with the only light was appearing from the window. Draped across down the window hold curtains reaching down to the floor, blowing as the wind pushed through and entering the room; sending a light breeze. Katrina laid her head on the frame of the window, watching the life surrounding her. She sighed and headed towards her bed.

She plumped down and sat there, contemplating. Licking her dried cracked lips; wondering her eyes around the window ceiling. She sighed and slowly approached the mirror desk. She stared at her reflection as she saw the Monday morning bed hair and looked displeased. Quickly combing her long lush dark brown blackish hair and gathering it, smoothing out the knots. Braiding into a plate; applying lip-bum to aid to her dried lips. 
Once she was pleased with her appearance she head lazily down the stairs, awaiting her, her mother’s warm morning. 


"Good Morning sweetie" she greeted as she poured the boiling water into her coffee, dressed in her usual business work clothes.

"...M-morning" Katie said as she scratched her head and stretched out as to trying to wake herself up. 

"I can see that yo are still  in your pyjamas" she observed down and sipping on her coffee, slowly raising her eyebrows as if to indicted to 'just dress, you will be late' and headed towards the table.

"Yeah, I will just dress soon" Katrina said, wiping her hands with her face in stress.

In a distance, hearing the trace of her father's footsteps coming down the stairs. Passing through to Katrina.

"Morning baby girl" her father approached her and kissing her on the forehead

"Morning dad" she replied, as her father hurriedly collecting his stuff and ready to head out the door.

"Are you ready, sweetie?" he said as he searched the cupboards in search for food. Isabella looked up from her notes and blanked out. As if she completely ignored him and concentrated on memorizing. All was quiet, Katrina's dad popped out his head and added "for your exam?"  While holding a box of cereal in his hand.

"oh, um, yea, sorry was just studying" she replied while placing the sheet of notes back on the kitchen table while eating her breakfast.

"Okay, gotta go, bye" he said as he left. He was always left and was so consume with his work. Katrina continued with her last minute studying, when she suddenly her phone vibrated.

*Buzz, Buzz*

She was hesitated to look at her phone, trying to absorb every vital information in her mind before the exam. 

*Buzz, Buzz*

In frustration she glanced at the text messages visible on her screen.

From: Jasmine (her best friend)


Once she said read it and started to the corner of the screen, reading 8:00 am. She rushed towards the stairs grabbed any clothing and her books and headed straight out of the door within a minutes of reading the text.

She took her phone out and texted her back

To: Jasmine

“On my way ”

Rushing down the streets as her scarf blew along with the wind. Her jeaned pants and knitted pale pink top suited with the coldness of the weather. Seemingly bright and sunny but with the winterley winds approaching, the weather can be deceptive.


“Hello,” she asked quite shocked

“Hey…” Jasmine replied

“Oh, hey, what’s up?”

“Oh, I am still just here waiting for you for our exam!”

“Yer… sorry about that”

“You don’t know how lucky you are…”


“They are extending the exam to 9”

“Ha-ha, a girl can only dream” Smiling and grateful on her chances. Katrina said as she holds her coffee on another hand, sipping with each sentence. “Well, I am heading inside now”she said as she pushed open the front door, entering the university.

“You’re here?”

“Yer, I will see you in the exam room”

“Okay, bye” ending the conversation.

Walking into the room, feeling the intention eating up Katrina, once she entered the room one and only eyes where purely one her.

William P.O.V

Overbearing and looked at bewilderment over notes in frustration, realizing that yearly examinations commenced today. Sitting there with the anticipation, but once you can into the room it felt as though everything was just focused on you and only you. Seeing her after all those years, I missed everything about her and P.S I am still in love with you.


~ Author’s Note~

Hey guys, this is just a preview… I will continue this once I have finished “Someday I will remember”. I just wanted to post this and wanted to hear Ur opinions. But if I get a lot of favourite and like and comments I will write more

Keeping smiling ◠‿◠

♥Katrina Marie♥

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