P.S I am Still in Love with You

"Everyday, Every Moment, Every Minute that goes by there is not a single Second that I don't think about you"

Katrina your average teenager, goes to school and studies the best she could ever... But when fate gives her a chance to meet a member of The Collective will she favor the outcome it will have in her life? or will her parents pull her away before she even gets the chance? Find out in "P.S I am Still in Love with You"

Author's Notes : Read... comment :) ... I love to hear your perspectives on the story. Fan, Favorite & Like... It would really meant a lot to me ♥

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2. Chapter One: Day One

"a smile is a curve that can set everything straight" - anonymous

~ ♥ Chapter 1 ♥ ~
... After the Exam

William's Entry.

Today is different, very peculiar. It is weird... I am writing to myself, but I guess it is a change. Oh well, but today she smiled at me. I can't even explain the feelings I am having but if I had to place them into words they would be looking out towards the mountain and seeing the beautiful scenery with the sun just setting. Bring the offset of the colours pink and red... 'Breath-taking'. Speaking of the exam, after one hour I had just finished the first paper of my mid-term paper... Crap! But there are more important thing going through my mind. As tomorrow might be the day where my dreams come true.

Well, its late...

Night xx


~ ♥ ~

As the infinite star in the night sky became to fade bring the baby blue of the clear sky. With the crisp summery air which send a light breeze through the window of his room. Lifting the blinds of his window up. The calm sound of nature as the birds chirping as if singing. He moaned at the sighed of day and moved over to see his bedside table alarm clock. 6:00am it had written in bright orange dots. Laying in bed as if contemplating on the time he first laid eyes on her since the fatal day. But he tried to push it aside.

"William, sweetie. Breakfast is ready. Hurry you are going to be late for the audition" a voice said from down the stairs. 

He got up and brushed his teeth as he began preparing for the audition which could very well decide his whole entire career. Going down stairs was he was greeted with a warm morning from his mother.

"Good Morning, Big day for you" she said as a smile came along as she said the last few words pouring coffee into his mug as he sat down moaning.

"er.. yea " he said. As he began swallowing his breakfast as quick as he could as he saw the time on the kitchen counter 11: 00 am

he stood up and said "wish me luck" as he left through the front door.

"always" she said with a motherly smile.

~ ♥ @ X FACTOR ♥ ~

Waiting anxiously down at backstage, preparing his vocals and trying to remember the words towards the song. Pacing himself up and down. He looked up as he heard the audience cheering and he knew this is it... this is the moment.

As the last contest came down and wished him luck saying how everything would be fine and that he would do great but nothing had made him less tense as he was already. As the assistance backstage handed him the microphone and Que him it was time to go. He could feel anything in his body. Frozen. But he knew this is his time to shine. As the glaring bright camera light shone upon him he said "I like to dedicated his to my dear ..." he paused. trying to think of what she was now to him "... friend , Katrina"

The music stared to play, I took a deep breath in and this was now or never, there was no going back.



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