Nobody Compares To You

The life of Sam Taylor is changed forever when she moves from her little town in New Hampshire to London, England. Sam moves without a job, not knowing anyone, with the whole summer before classes start. On her very first day, by weird coincidences, she meets a famous band that she has never heard of, called "One Direction". Somehow she is dragged into the middle of the fast paced world of One Direction, and cam't exactly find her way out of the beautiful disaster that has been made. She gets stuck in a few sticky situations, that will stay with her the rest of her life. What will her new life become of? How long will the band be on break? What will become of Sam Taylor?

DISCLAIMER: At the beginning of the story, Niall and Zayn cause the band to need to take a break because of arguments within the band. That is not the case! I love them both! <3

<3 *Forever in support of the boys who started on the stairs* <3


6. On Top of the World


Harry’s POV

                It’s been three miles and some girls are still on our tail, but we are almost to our place. Even Sam is starting to get tired, I feel terrible, running her to the edge of London like this, but maybe in the end this could be a good thing. Finally we reach the tree, and we are far enough ahead of the girls so that they can’t see us if we stop a second.

                “Say you’re looking for a celebrity, would you feel the need to ever look up?” she looked at me with a look of disbelief. I smiled and jumped up onto the trees first branch, almost falling out of the tree in the process. Unbalanced and unskillfully, I finally rested on the first branch, and stuck my hand down for her, as we could once again hear the girls coming around the bend.

                I looked to the left, and then looked down to where Sam had been, but she was gone. I looked around, broken about the fact she had left. But then a heard a small giggle over my head. “So I’m better than you at running and climbing? I say the score stands 2-0.” I looked up and Sam was on a branch about 6 above me already. I laughed and started climbing up to where she was.

                I arrived at the second to top branch, the one next to where she was. We looked out over the town of London. We could see the London Eye, our college, and the giant rivers near the college. It was beautiful, Sam was looking out over the view, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked amazing, her hair blowing in the wind. She turned and saw me starring at her, and smiled and blushed. We both looked down on the ground where the fans were.

                They were so confused; believing the two of us had just dropped off the face of the earth. But they also didn’t look like anyone was leaving anytime soon. Sam looked up at me. “Well, looks like we won’t be leaving here anytime soon.”

                I looked down at my feet, swinging beneath the branch. “I am really sorry, I’m sure this isn’t exactly what you probably wanted to do today. Run four miles, be chased by lots of crazy fan girls, and being stuck up in a tree with a stuck up celebrity.”

Sam’s POV

                “I am really sorry, I’m sure this isn’t exactly what you probably wanted to do today. Run four miles, be chased by lots of crazy fan girls, and being stuck up in a tree with a stuck up celebrity.” He said looking down. I could almost hear my heart breaking in my chest. He looked really apologetic and depressed. I grabbed his hand and he looked up into my eyes.

                “You’re not stuck up, and I had fun today. I liked it. And I probably needed to go for a run anyway. So thank you Harry, for the encouragement to go exercise.” He laughed, I loved the sound of his laugh, and how covers his face, and looks down. He has the giggle of a four year old little boy, and I loved it so much. Suddenly the lyrics to the only One Direction song I’ve ever heard flashed through my head. Cuz’ when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, you don’t know you’re beautiful!

                “So, what shall we talk about while we’re up stuck in a tree?” I asked him, slightly sarcastic, but also completely serious.

                “Have you ever heard of the question game before?” he asked. I nodded and pondered how a deep voice like his could belong to a boy with a face of a six year old. “Okay, I’ll go first then. Do you have a boyfriend?”

                I giggled and felt my face turn bright red. “No, I don’t. I dated this guy a few months before I left for London, and he wanted to try to make it work when I left, but I didn’t really want to make it work. I needed a fresh start. Sorry, I am saying too much. How about you?” I asked, embarrassed about going on about my personal life.

                “No, I’ve been single for a long time. Actually, can I trust you with a secret?” I nodded, nervous. “I’ve never had a real girlfriend.” I looked at him completely shocked. “I mean, I’ve dated girls and stuff, but nothing ever serious. I’ve never cared enough about a girl to keep her around that long.”

                I looked down at my hands in the lap, feeling almost hurt by the remark, but not completely sure why. He set his hand on my leg. “But things change,” he says to me. I look up into his emerald green eyes and felt a spark inside my heart.

                “Anyway, it’s your turn.” I said to him. I think he could tell that he makes me nervous, so we started to ask silly questions.

                But he decided he’s the only one allowed to ask questions right now. So he asked me about my favorite color, favorite music, favorite play, my family, my past friends, most embarrassing moment, proudest moment, my music, and everything you could imagine. I felt really important, knowing he just wanted to know all of these things about me.

                The sun was starting to set behind the London Eye, it could have been minutes, it could have been hours, I had no idea how long it had been. I looked down and laughed. “Harry, look down.” We both looked, and realized that no one was down there.

                He laughed his adorable giggle. “How long do you think they’ve been gone?” I shrugged.

“It’s starting to get dark, do you want to start heading back to the college?” I asked him. He sighed.

“Do we have to?” he asked.

“I’m getting cold, Harry!” I complained. He giggled, and took of his blazer and wrapped it around my shoulders. He also wrapped his arms around my waist and sat behind me on the branch. I felt nervous feeling him sitting there behind me.

Harry’s POV

                It must have been five hours since we’d been up in the tree, because it was really dark now. The only lights were those from inside of buildings and homes around the city. Yet we still sit here together, Sam in my arms telling me stories about her life, and me telling her stories about what it’s like being on tour and being famous.

                “Harry, would you be mad at me if I asked to start heading home?” Sam asked me. I shook my head and laughed.

                “Of course not, my lady! Let me help you down the tree branches as we reach the ground!” She looked at me and raised her eye brow. “Okay, fine. Will you help me down the tree?” Embarrassingly enough, I almost fell a few times down the tree, but soon enough we finally reached the bottom. We reached a main road and called a cab down. We jumped in the back and I gave the man the address of the college.

                I could tell Sam must be exhausted, she had her head on my shoulder was falling in and out of slumber. I looked at my phone and realized it was 10:30. I then realized that she was still wearing my blazer, and that it also looked really good on her.

                She finally fell into a pretty constant slumber, despite the obnoxious amount of traffic we were hitting. I looked down at her. She looked so peaceful, beautiful. I had never felt this way about anyone before. I had known this girl for a day, yet I wanted to know everything about her. I wanted to know her life story, and I wanted to be in her future. I felt so protective of her, and the thought of fans ripping her apart and hurting her made me hurt inside. I guess this must be how Louis has felt about Eleanor for years.

                How could I make this work? She’s so strong, so independent and perfect. I can’t ever hurt her. I’ve made mistakes and hurt people I’ve cared about. I could never do that to Sam. She’s everything. If I can convince her to be mine, I’d make this summer and the rest of her life perfect. I’d do anything for this girl.

                We finally arrived back at the college, I handed the man a twenty, and got out, carrying Sam bridal style. She started waking up, but I started singing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder to her, and she was lulled back to sleep. I knew which room was hers by the number on the key she wore around her neck. I removed her necklace and unlocked her flat door, and let myself in.

                I set her on the couch for a moment, while I made up her bed for her. Then I picked her up again and set her in her bed. She woke up as I put the covers over her body. “Harry…” she stuttered in her sleep.

Sam’s POV

                There was an angel standing above me as I woke from my slumber. He was singing to me, and the melody was beautiful and it was perfect. “Harry,” I said.

                “Yes, beautiful?” he asked me.

                Was this a dream? Was this boy really this kind to me? Did he care about me? Do I mean something to him like he means to me? But I don’t care right now. Right now he’s here. I want to tell him what I feel, that I think I might be in love with him, that today was the best day of my life, but I couldn’t right now. I was too tired.

                “Thank you for today; I had a really good time.” He smiled and got up to leave, shutting off the lights on his way out. I smiled, and closed my eyes, trying to stop my heart from beating so fast.

                He must have believed I was asleep, because the door didn’t slam, instead I suddenly felt a quick peck on my forehead, but kept my eyes closed, and when the door slammed, I sat up and squealed a little, but then fell into a beautiful, blissful sleep. 

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