Nobody Compares To You

The life of Sam Taylor is changed forever when she moves from her little town in New Hampshire to London, England. Sam moves without a job, not knowing anyone, with the whole summer before classes start. On her very first day, by weird coincidences, she meets a famous band that she has never heard of, called "One Direction". Somehow she is dragged into the middle of the fast paced world of One Direction, and cam't exactly find her way out of the beautiful disaster that has been made. She gets stuck in a few sticky situations, that will stay with her the rest of her life. What will her new life become of? How long will the band be on break? What will become of Sam Taylor?

DISCLAIMER: At the beginning of the story, Niall and Zayn cause the band to need to take a break because of arguments within the band. That is not the case! I love them both! <3

<3 *Forever in support of the boys who started on the stairs* <3


13. Heart Break


6 Months Later; 7 days until Final Show

Sam’s POV

                Finals are over; all the stress of my freshman year of college was ending. It was so surreal, does this make me officially a grown up? It’s crazy how fast life changes right before your eyes, it’s like you don’t even see it coming. I mean what have I accomplished this year? I have withheld a job singing at a café for a whole year, I have completed intermediate dance, which I honestly thought I was destined to fail, and each day I feel myself coming closer and closer to my dream.

                But now, freshman year is over. And it is all about the show now. I am in 7 of the 25 performances.  2 musical theater numbers, 2 intermediate dance numbers, 2 a’capella numbers, and I was invited to be one of the two performers that can perform their original songs in the final show. Everyone I know from home is coming to see me, because this is where you can catch the next rising star, before they become famous. My family, all my old friends, everyone’s coming! I decided I needed to catch up with Daniel for a little while though.

                The past few weeks we had been arguing a lot, between finals, stress of the final show, and me getting laryngitis for a week, it’s been pretty rough on our relationship. Now that most of that stress was over, finally we could get back to being us. He had been so distant, I hated it. I texted him to ask where he was, and when he didn’t answer for ten minutes, I figured he was in the dance studio rehearsing, so I started my walk over.

                These last few months have been so weird. With Harry coming back, having to tutor him, life had been really weird. I have to be honest, I didn’t want Harry anywhere near me when he came back, but after a week of being back, he started getting the idea through his head that Daniel and I are in love, and stopped trying to get me back. We’ve been able to almost regain some sort of friendship, and by friendship I mean I no longer want to cry every time I see him, and sometimes we even smile at each other in the hallway.  

                I finally arrive to the dance studio, and I go to open the door and walk inside. I knew Dan would be in the advanced studio, so I saunter in, but when I look up, my heart completely stops beating.

                In TV and media, people do not do a great job of showing what a broken heart looks like. You can’t see it, or describe it really. But when you look up and see the one person you’ve ever truly loved shirtless, and mouth on mouth with another girl, that’s what a broken heart feels like. And the worst part is he didn’t even realize that I had walked in. The lights were off, and he hadn’t heard my small footsteps saunter in.

                Instantly tears are pouring from my face, and my heart is being ripped from my body. I want to scream and yell and punch him and punch the girl he was over, but none of that would help the situation. So I gathered the strength I had left while maintaining a broken heart and body, I flipped the light switch by the door, and he sat up immediately, looking at who had caught him.

                I tried to let words escape my mouth, to tell him off or say something, but I couldn’t. I sighed, turned around, and left the advanced dance studio. I guess I never thought distance could do that in a relationship, especially to Daniel.

Harry’s POV

                I am walking outside of the dance studio, just trying to find where Sam is. I hadn’t seen her all day and I just missed her smile. Maybe she’d be walking out with Dan, or just finishing rehearsal with Sammy, the dance instructor, or just strolling out with Justine or Bridget. But her smile would be there either of those three reasons, and I had checked her flat and the field.

                As I was about to open the door, I saw Sam burst it open, her eyes red and puffy. She was gasping for breath like her lungs were no longer functioning. She looked up and saw me, and I didn’t know whether she would be mad at me or happy to see me. “Sam, oh my god, are you okay?” I asked her. She looked down at the ground. She shook her head and started crying more. “Listen, I know you hate me. I’ve gotten that from the past semester. But I know that you know I care about you, and I will listen to whatever is wrong and not tell anyone.” She started trying to slow down her breathing again, but then after another thought must have struck her head, she started sobbing just as hard.

                Against her arguing, I pulled her into my arms, and after a moment she accepted it, letting deep sobs go into my shoulder. “Shh, it’s okay. You can let it out, Sam. I’m here, I’ve always been here.” I knew she wouldn’t be mentally sane to talk for a while, so I flagged a cab, and I gave the address. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time now.

Sam’s POV

                He’s bringing me in a cab, and I have to say I’m grateful. As much as I can’t stand this poor excuse of a man in front of me, I had missed being in his arms. As I cry in the back of the cab, he told me we’d be there soon. Then, a few minutes later he carried me out of the car and set me down, making me look up.

                It’s the tree, it’s where we hid the first time he needed to get away. And now that I needed to get away, he brought me right back here. I looked at him, and he urged me to go. I grabbed a branch and started climbing up. I reached the top in no time, with Harry right behind me. I reached the top, and was convinced he’d still be close to the bottom, but he was already sitting right behind me.

                “You’ve gotten better,” I managed through sniffles, laughing slightly.

                “I’ve been coming here since I got back from the tour…” Harry said to me. “Ever since we stopped talking, but that’s not why we’re here. What just happened, and who do I need to kill for hurting you?”

                I told him everything. It took a good half hour to say everything we had been through the last two semesters, and the time before that, before we fell in love. I told him literally every secret I ever had, every secret Daniel and I had promised to keep, because he had broken his side of our promise. He promised me to never hurt me like Harry did, and he hurt me worse. After a good two hours of telling my story through cries and sobs, I finally started to calm down.

                There was a moment of silence, and I couldn’t hold in my questions anymore. “Why did you leave me?” I asked him.

                “Sam, I never wanted to leave you. Did you ever see the two missed calls on your phone the day I left?” She nodded nervously, confused. “I did try to tell you, but you were shopping. I promise I’m not trying to blame you, but Paul got mad when I kept calling. He said I wouldn’t be able to focus on my music with your number on my phone. So he took my phone from me, and told the other boys that they aren’t allowed to tell you what’s going either. Sam, that entire four months, you’re face never left my mind. Every performance, every solo, every move I did was for you. The only thing that got me through those four months without you is each rehearsal, each show and each interview; I was one show or rehearsal or interview closer to being with you. I’m so sorry that I hurt you, and that I didn’t have contact with you. I promise that I never wanted to leave you; I wanted to be back here. Once I learned about Dan, I was almost happy, just glad that someone was taking care of you. And now that he’s done this, I’m just… Sam I am so sorry,”

                I took a second to gather all of this in my brain. The fact it wasn’t his choice to leave me, that he loves me still after all this time, but still keeping in mind the pain he caused me, and the pain I was still feeling in my heart from Dan. I couldn’t think. My mind wasn’t clear.

                “Harry… I can’t…” He shushed me, and grabbed each of my hands, pulling my arms out and whispering for me to close my eyes and just feel the breeze. After a good ten minutes, I finally calmed down and was relaxed. We started climbing down the tree, and soon hit firm ground again.

Harry’s POV

                After the greatest few hours I’ve had since I’ve been back with Sam, we were back to the reality at hand on the solid ground. I had figured everything was maybe back to normal, Sam being mine, but of course, reality is never that easy.

                She looked over at me and saw me starring at her with love in my eyes. “I hope you know just because you were the person that helped me calm down after that doesn’t mean that anything else has changed. You still did what you did, and I can’t forgive you that easily for that.”

                I sighed and laughed, there’s my tough girl. “Of course not, Samantha Anne,” and she sighed and got in the cab with me. But I could tell we were friends, and that’s all I needed to be for the big finale of my plan. 

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