Nobody Compares To You

The life of Sam Taylor is changed forever when she moves from her little town in New Hampshire to London, England. Sam moves without a job, not knowing anyone, with the whole summer before classes start. On her very first day, by weird coincidences, she meets a famous band that she has never heard of, called "One Direction". Somehow she is dragged into the middle of the fast paced world of One Direction, and cam't exactly find her way out of the beautiful disaster that has been made. She gets stuck in a few sticky situations, that will stay with her the rest of her life. What will her new life become of? How long will the band be on break? What will become of Sam Taylor?

DISCLAIMER: At the beginning of the story, Niall and Zayn cause the band to need to take a break because of arguments within the band. That is not the case! I love them both! <3

<3 *Forever in support of the boys who started on the stairs* <3


12. First Day of Classes


Harry’s POV

                I woke up after an extremely restless night’s sleep. I had barely slept really, I kept having nightmares. They consisted of one thing, Sam forgetting everything we had together. How had I let Dan sweep her off her feet? Oh right, it wasn’t my choice. I wasn’t there.

                I had received my schedule last night, when I tried to find ways to make myself busy without anyone. Of course Zayn and Perrie, Louis and Eleanor, Liam and Justine, and Bridget and Niall had asked me to hang out with them, but I understood their position, they hadn’t seen each other in months, and they just wanted to make up for lost time. I wasn’t going to third wheel on any of them.

                I put on a blue hoodie, and gray jeans, and my white converse, and left the flat. I looked at my schedule in my pocket, and saw my first class was in 20 minutes, at 11. It was music theory, definitely not the most exciting class I would be in, but probably still interesting. I departed the flat and started looking for the building it was in, Iverson. I saw people starring, and you could tell who was who. There were groups of girls that would stare In admiration that didn’t go to college here, and there were the college girls and guys, who stared at me with disgust, who must have heard about how I had to leave Sam, although they didn’t know about the ‘had to’ part.

                I couldn’t blame them though. If I had met Sam, and learned a man had hurt her, I would hate that man too. I kind of hated myself for losing her. I arrived to music theory five minutes before class started, and when I walked in, everyone was already there. I walked up to the teacher, not even wanting to see the people staring at me, and the teacher, Mr. Smith, read my slip.

                “Ah, so YOU’RE the Mr. Harry Styles I’ve heard so much about.” Now I just wanted to know if he knew me from One Direction, or as “That Guy Who Hurt Sam Taylor.”

                “Well you’re lucky, we just finished midterms, but there are some basics you’re going to have to know. I’ll give you a mentor for the class to help you catch up in class when you have questions. Uhm, Sam!” Mr. Smith yelled. I turned around, and saw her beautiful strawberry blonde hair flip around as she turned; she was sitting on a desk in the front row.

                She caught my eye, and her eyes which a second ago had so much life in them, drained the second they saw mine. “Yes Mr. Smith?” she asked in her usual happy voice, looking towards her teacher.

                “Can you please catch up Mr. Styles when he has questions? He needs a tutor, and you have the highest GPA in the class,” he asked her. She reluctantly nodded, and turned around back to the person in the desk she was sitting at. Her things were at the desk pushed next to it, the middle in a set of three, and I sat at the empty desk next to her. When I sat I saw she had been sitting on Dan’s desk, talking with him.

                “Alright everyone, class is starting.”

                Okay, I promise I tried to pay attention during class. I really did! But I hadn’t seen Sam in four months, I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I didn’t even hear most of the lesson. Her eyes would look from the board, back to Dan, and then to the board a few times every few minutes.

                The bell soon rang, and then Sam started getting up, I was about to chase her out, when Mr. Smith called me to the front. As Sam was about to leave the room, he called her name too. She froze, and then with a sigh she turned around and started walking towards the desk. “Yes, Mr. Smith?”

                “Sam, I just wanted to tell you that your original piece you sent me to look at was beautiful, and that yes, you should perform it in the Banquet.”

                “What’s the banquet?” The question slipped out of my mouth. Sam rolled her eyes and explained.

                “Obviously because you’re a new student, you wouldn’t know, but it’s the huge talent show at the end of the year.” Mr. Smith looked surprised to see this kind of sass come out of Sam, I was surprised to. I had never seen her like this. She turned and departed, giving Mr. Smith a quick thank you. I chased her out, with Mr. Smith calling my name behind me.

                “Sam! SAM!” I yelled, but she had disappeared down the hallway.

Sam’s POV

                Second period, finally. I didn’t have to deal with Harry right now. I was headed to the dance studio for intermediate dance, where I knew he couldn’t be yet. I know Harry, and he can’t dance very well.  I made my way to the floor and started stretching to warm up. With the show coming in six months, we had to really crap down on our dance routines. I was chosen for the soloist for the jazz and pop routine, which is to ‘In the Dark’ by Dev. My partner is Jack, and we kill this number.

                With my tight white spandex and green and white striped tank top, I danced away my problems. Harry no longer existed, and it was just me and all of my friends. The way it had been all year, I intended for it to stay like that.

                After dance, I departed for the flats. As I started walking back, someone grabbed me by the hand from behind, and pulled me into his arms, and we started to dance. “Daniel!” I squealed in joy and we started slow dancing in the field outside the flats. He had just finished dance too, so we were both gross sweaty messes, but we didn’t care. We just ballroom danced through the field and laughed every second of it, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, loving every moment.

                Dan leaned forward and kissed my lips, sending that first kiss shock through me that never seemed to disappear while I dated him. He just looked down at me, and I couldn’t help but notice, it was the same way Harry used to look at me. Since Harry had gotten back, as much as I hate to admit it, I couldn’t get his smile off my mind. But I can’t do that, Daniel is mine, and I couldn’t be happier.

Harry’s POV

                As I sit in the field and watch Harry hold Sam in his arms, I can’t stand but be jealous. Oh how I wish that was me. I see her slow dancing, and I see him kiss her. I see her smile and basically cry out in happiness. Why can’t that be me? How can I tell her how much I want and need her back if she won’t give me the chance to explain my situation?

                How can I win her back? I walk into the building, broken up, and see Bridget and Niall sitting on the stairs. I take a second to listen in. “I missed you so much, baby,” Niall said to Bridget as he kissed her on her neck. He had his arm wrapped around her back, and she had her head on his shoulder. They fit together perfectly, lovingly, and I couldn’t help but be jealous. They had kept up their relationship through the distance. Not many couples have that strength. I was proud of Niall; he had never had a girlfriend like Bridget before. What I mean to say is he had always gone for the girls who took advantage of him, and now him and Bridget? I can promise, they are definitely going places.

                I see Justine and Liam as I walk up the back stairs, as not to interrupt them. I had past Justine’s room and couldn’t even stay and watch. They were snuggling and watching a movie on Justine’s couch, just the way Sam and I used to. I almost felt tears running down my face, and I realized, I need to come up with a plan.

Daniel’s POV

                My Sam, my beautiful Sam, is dancing in my arms. I couldn’t get enough of her. She is so beautiful, talented, and everything I had ever wanted. I can’t believe I had never noticed her when we were at summer camp together. I guess I had been so blinded on focusing on my music, that she had never even come to mind.

                I see over her shoulder as we slow dance, and see Harry behind her. He had hurt her so badly. I promised myself right then and there that I would never hurt her the way he did. She is perfect, and I would protect her with every fiber of my being. She would be mine forever, even if I have to fight Harry for her.  

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