Nobody Compares To You

The life of Sam Taylor is changed forever when she moves from her little town in New Hampshire to London, England. Sam moves without a job, not knowing anyone, with the whole summer before classes start. On her very first day, by weird coincidences, she meets a famous band that she has never heard of, called "One Direction". Somehow she is dragged into the middle of the fast paced world of One Direction, and cam't exactly find her way out of the beautiful disaster that has been made. She gets stuck in a few sticky situations, that will stay with her the rest of her life. What will her new life become of? How long will the band be on break? What will become of Sam Taylor?

DISCLAIMER: At the beginning of the story, Niall and Zayn cause the band to need to take a break because of arguments within the band. That is not the case! I love them both! <3

<3 *Forever in support of the boys who started on the stairs* <3


14. Final Talent Show

Sam’s POV

                I slide the curtains just the slightest so I can look to see the audience. This stadium is holding over 10,000 people, and as far as I can tell, every seat is packed. I feel butterflies filling up every corner or my stomach. I’m performing in front of this many people? I looked in the front row, and saw Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis. Although I had fought with Harry this year, I had never grown apart from these four. They didn’t see me, but I let out a little smile.

                Bridget came up behind me. “Is Niall here yet?” I nodded and pointed him out to her. The stagehand backstage called ‘Fifteen!’ Which means fifteen minutes until curtain opens.

                “Thank you, fifteen!” I called back, the casual theater response. I started walking to where all the college students were waiting for their acts to be called, the café attached to the theater. I walked past Daniel holding hands with that girl I caught him with in the studio on my way to sit. Seeing him still hurt me, but I guess it was something I would have to learn to deal with. I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

                I arrived in the café, and sat at a table with Marina, Kiera, Justine, Bridget, Harry, Chris, Dylan, and Jack. We sat and laughed and recollected our favorite parts of the year. When the stage manager called five minutes until Showtime, the nine of us held hands and created a little prayer circle. They elected me to say everything.

                “Dear God, thank you so much for bringing me so much joy this year. Along with the first year of college, I met eight new best friends, and had the greatest year of my life. I couldn’t be more blessed to have been paired with these amazing people this year, and as our final show approaches, I thank you for giving me the greatest experience this year I could have ever asked for.” The stage manager called places. “And now it’s time to prove how much better we all improved this year, let’s go!”

                We all hugged each other, and headed to our places for the first song, which was full college. It was one we wrote, and basically summed up our year of college. The next few were for acting skits, and then came my musical theater numbers, and the show proceeded through very fast, when suddenly it was time for all of the soloist numbers.

                I was the first soloist to perform, so I went up on stage and looked to the thousands of people watching me. I started singing my new original, and soon reached the chorus. So much had changed since I wrote this song about Daniel months ago. “So how about, for one day, you take a chance and look my way? Who knows?  Maybe I’d surprise you, and you’d fall in love me with too. I think we’d be the perfect pair, you and I. So baby, take my hand and we can fly away, and touch the sky. Please notice me, baby notice me.” I sang through the song, and at the end of it, I received a standing ovation, and the boys in the front row threw roses onto the stage.

                I couldn’t stop smiling; everything I had worked for this year finally came together in the end.

Harry’s POV

                Sam’s song was beautiful, and completely moving. I knew it was about Dan, but somehow she still performed it with full emotions, not freaking out like most girls would about the breakup. She was strong, as much as she loved him; I knew she could do it. She started walking backstage, and I grabbed her arm as she started to walk by, my song was next.

                “Stay,” I whispered to her. She silently nodded and stayed in the left wing of the huge stage, and I went to center stage with just my guitar. I sat down on the stool, and raised the microphone to my lips.

                “Good evening everyone,” I started. “So I am performing a song tonight that means a lot to me. I wrote it for the most beautiful girl I had ever met. She’s very strong, and smart, and talented. In fact, you just saw her on this very stage.” I didn’t even dare to look to see Sam’s reaction. “I have received permission from the school to perform two songs, one by myself, and one with a few special guests, I hope you enjoy them.”

                I started playing my guitar, a beautiful melody that I had recently written, and I started singing the lyrics, that were written 100& for Sam. “People say we shouldn’t be together, too young to know about forever. But I say they don’t know what we’re talk-talk-talking about. Because this love is only getting stronger, so I don’t want to wait any longer, I just want to tell the world that you’re mine girl!”

                I continued into the chorus. “They don’t know about the things we do, they don’t know about the I love yous, but I bet you if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us. They don’t know about the up all night’s, they don’t know I’ve waited all my life, just to find a love that feels this right. Baby they don’t know about, they don’t know about us.”

                I continued playing through the rest of the song, and at the end every girl in the audience was in tears. I looked off to the side of the stage, where Sam was standing, shocked as can be. Her hand was covering her mouth, hanging agape, and she had tears rolling down her face. “So now, to lighten to mood a little bit,” I spoke to the crowed through the microphone. “I must invite my friends One Direction to join me on stage.” All the girls in the audience started cheering. “I taught them this new song this morning, and Sam, this one is for you too! I love you baby girl, and even though we’ve had some trouble, I know I always will!”

                “You’re so pretty when you cry, when you cry, I wasn’t ready to hear you say goodbye. Now you’re tearing me apart, tearing me apart. You’re tearing me apart. You’re so London, your own style, your own style. We’re together, it’s so good. So girl why are you tearing me apart, tearing me apart? You’re tearing me apart. Did I do something stupid? Yeah girl if I blew it, just tell me what I did let’s work through this. There’s got to be some way to get you to want me, like before.” We burst into the chorus, causing the girls in the audience to go insane.

                “Because no one’s ever looked so good in a dress and it hurts because I know you won’t be mine tonight. No one ever makes me feel like you do when you smile, baby tell me how to make it right. Now all of my friends say it’s not really worth it, but even if that’s true, no one in the world could stop me from not moving on. Baby even if I wanted to, nobody compares to you.” We continued through the end of the song, and the audience was on their feet. That had been the last number of the show.

                I looked to the side, and saw Sam was gone, and then suddenly I was knocked to the ground from behind.

Sam’s POV

                I was laying on top of Harry on my schools stage. I was smiling down at him and couldn’t stop crying happy tears. The audience was cheering, and Harry’s songs had given me feelings inside that I have never felt before. If he truly felt this way, then he must truly care about me, I had to forgive him. I love him, I guess I always had, but I did. Now that I hear what he feels, it brought out my true emotions, and I fell in love with him all over again.

                After a minute, I helped him up and we started hugging. “I love you baby,” he whispered in my ear. I just hugged him tighter. Being in his arms, here and now, nothing could have ended my freshman year better. But now it was time to depart for the flats, and start heading home. 

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