Nobody Compares To You

The life of Sam Taylor is changed forever when she moves from her little town in New Hampshire to London, England. Sam moves without a job, not knowing anyone, with the whole summer before classes start. On her very first day, by weird coincidences, she meets a famous band that she has never heard of, called "One Direction". Somehow she is dragged into the middle of the fast paced world of One Direction, and cam't exactly find her way out of the beautiful disaster that has been made. She gets stuck in a few sticky situations, that will stay with her the rest of her life. What will her new life become of? How long will the band be on break? What will become of Sam Taylor?

DISCLAIMER: At the beginning of the story, Niall and Zayn cause the band to need to take a break because of arguments within the band. That is not the case! I love them both! <3

<3 *Forever in support of the boys who started on the stairs* <3


2. Everything Is Changing


Sam’s POV

                I step off the airplane onto foreign land. Holy crap it’s beautiful here. From just the airport I can see the London Eye. I clutch my bag and sling it around my shoulder and start walking towards the streets of London, England. I find a cab straight away, and to the driver I say “London School of Performing Arts, please.”

                It wasn’t ten minutes before I was in front of the school. It was huge, and right in front of the London Eye. Such a beautiful view. I found my way up to my flat, where I would be living the next four years. My flat was in a set of ten. The top five flats were for boys, the bottom floor five flats were for girls. Although most of my building mates probably wouldn’t be arriving for another couple of weeks. I started opening the boxes, more or less seeing what all of the boxes contained, not exactly desiring to unpack yet after my 12 hour flight to London. I walked into the kitchen and living room in my flat.

                Our building is kind of special. We are the ten people who have received a full scholarship to London School of Performing Arts. We are in the prime spot on campus, right in the middle of everything. I didn’t exactly know what to do with my time until my building mates got here, so I decided to take my bike from the buildings garage, and just start adventuring. I locked my flat my key I would wear around my neck, and I started looking around. I couldn’t seem to get this thought out of my heart that something weird was going to happen today. Something that isn’t exactly bad, but isn’t exactly good.

                I tried to shake off the feeling so I stopped and bought a plate of fish and chips and sat in the field near the London Eye, my blue retro bike resting behind me. I was finally starting to relax, the sun was shining on me, I was about to spend four years doing everything I love, and I heard British accents all around me. My new life is starting. Everything is going to change.

Simon’s POV

                These boys sometimes make me want to jump off a cliff into shark infested waters in Fiji. Sometimes they behave worse than cats and dogs placed in the same 2’ by 2’ carrying box. I almost feel sorry for Paul, having to protect them all the time from fans, and right now, needing protection from each other. I would try to see how they would act this lunch period, and make my decision based from today.

                I went to a booth where they sold the boys favorite fish and chips. I bought seven bins, without anyone noticing who I am. Sunglasses are a very beautiful thing. I started walking back to the spot Paul and I had agreed on meeting, when I accidentally tripped over a retro bike resting in the park.

                The girl who possessed the bike looked extremely apologetic. Then, somehow she realized who I am, and looked almost scared. “Oh my god, Simon I am so sorry! I am new here and I didn’t know if I could keep a bike here and now I know I can’t and I just…”

                “Oh my goodness young lady please calm down! I’m okay I promise!” I assured her, letting myself smile. This girl seemed very nice. I immediately liked her.

                “Oh, well it’s extremely nice to meet you! I am a huge fan of X Factor!” I smiled; it’s good to know that people really pay attention to the judges, not just the singers. It’s girls like her that make our job worth it.

                “What’s your name miss?” I asked her.

                “I’m Sam, I’m a new student at London’s Performing Arts school!” Wow, that’s quite impressive. I've heard Harry talking about that school before as well.

                “Well miss, that is impressive. I hope to hear you on the radio or onstage sometime in the future!" She nodded excitedly, and I started walking away. I saw the boys in their normal wigs and disguises right by the bottom of the London eye. I walked over to them and Paul.

                “Good afternoon boys, I’m pretty sure you all know why we’re here right now.” The boys all looked up, at first they were happy to see me, and then as I was speaking their faces fell.

                “Listen boys, Paul has been telling me about all the arguing that’s been going on. I’m going to ask you all first. How do you feel about it?”

                “I feel like it’s been more than usual, but it’s just a normal thing that goes on in-between brothers,” Liam said. I have learned not to trust him though; Liam would jump in front of a bullet for anyone. If something was going on, he wouldn’t spill.

                “I haven’t even noticed anything going on,” Harry said with a confused look on his face. No surprise there. Louis agreed with what Harry said.

                I looked over at Niall and Zayn. They were glaring at each other. “So I guess I have found the problem…” Before I could continue my thought, Zayn interrupted me.

                “It’s all Niall’s fault! He’s been starting all this random drama about us eating his food and…”

                “Excuse me Zayn but you’ve been the butt hole who has been taking all of our food and then lying about everything!” Suddenly Zayn threw a good left hook into Niall’s chin, as Paul took them apart.

                I was disgusted. “I am very disappointed in you boys! You are never supposed to act like this! What do you think the fans would think? They love you. All of you! The band is taking a break.” I said the six words that I knew would break the hearts of millions of girls all over the world before I even thought about it. But I stuck behind what I was saying.

                The boys all suddenly turned on me, yelling about how that’s not what they want, how they can’t do that to their fans. “Well we’re going to have to! You boys need some separation. One year. You guys are all taking a break from each other. You can all hang out whenever you want. But no living together anymore like that for one year. We’re going to get some separation with you boys, so in one year where we start a new tour or a new album or something, you can all get along and love each other like the beginning of One Direction.”

                Each boy had tears in his eyes. “I guess I can spend some time with my family, I’ve been missing my sisters a lot…” Louis started, always being the positive one.

                “I’ve been wanting to spend some time in Spain,” Liam admitted.

                “I want to take cooking classes…” Niall admitted, to no one’s surprise.

                “I’ve been offered some modeling jobs, I could try something like that,” Zayn offered.

                Harry was silent, the only one who didn’t have plans. I loved Harry like a son, and I knew exactly what he needed. “Music is in your blood Harry, you need it.” I stated. He nodded. “I know where you belong.” The girl I just met flashed through my mind, I looked over to see her sitting there, she was a girl version of Harry.

                “I’m going to help you get into the London School of Performing Arts,” I told him. He looked up, almost a smile on his face, but not quite.     

                “I guess I have wanted to go to college…” he admitted.

                “So it’s official,” Paul said. “One Direction is taking a one year break.”

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