being kept behind has its advantages


1. being kept behind has its advantages


It was the worst day of my life. I'd been kept behind in History, meaning by the time I left college it was dark, drizzling and I'd just seen the number 3 pull away as I neared the gates. I ambled along miserably. It felt like I'd never arrive home; and all I wanted to do is crawl into bed and hide under a mass of covers and warmth. Possibly with a mug of coffee to warm my bones; as I could feel my clothes becoming wet through already and I'd only been outside a few minutes.

I could never imagine to what extent the next few minutes were going to change my life. At first I didn't see her, but when I did I couldn't look away. I know it sounds cliche, but I felt like the breath had been sucked out of me, and that was irrespective of the cold. I pretended to be looking at the bus timetable but my eyes were darting furiously; I'm sure she could tell. She moved to let me past and I caught her smell - everyone has a distinct smell - their own individual scent - hers was more than perfume. It was more floral than anything else and sent me directly back into the past - when I visited a zoo with my primary school. I don't mean to imply she smelt vaguely animalistic; not at all. It was one of my happiest memories - I remember that day vividly in my mind. I always thought it was strange how I  remember odd moments, or smells, or tastes; but nothing concrete.

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