From Best Friend to Boyfriend

This is actually a true story. You see... Last year I had a best friend called Killian and he always acted normal around me. But then nearly every day people were saying he liked me... I took no notice really. But one day we were just texting and I had changed my profile pic to a pic of me when I was younger. So he said I was really cute and I kept saying I wasn't. But the sweetest thing ever was said to me afterwards and I'll never let it slip my mind.
"You're the prettiest girl I have ever seen in the WORLD xoxo"
I guess that kinda stuck to me from then on. I found him really sweet. We're still best friends, but he's more than a best friend. He's the inspiration of this story and the holder of the key to my heart <3


1. Killian. <3

We're really best friends... Why can't people just accept that and get on with life? Ok so I'm friends with a guy... So what?! Sexist much?! Killian and I just sort of connect... Like two odd, nerdy puzzle pieces.

At school everybody laughs. Killian gets teased for being friendly to me. Most of the boys hate me though. They call me a nerd because my grades are really good. They call Killian a girl and all sorts of other names. My friends aren't too keen on him either. They call him a natural disaster and a ginger. I kinda like his ginger hair. It makes him Killian, and Killians my bff :)

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