Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


8. So much support

1 YEAR LATER ~Kimberly's P.O.V

Its been really hard for me to even be around harry anymore, Louis kept telling me he only did it because he was drunk...but that was no excuse for this purple line going around my neck, Louis always baby-sat me, he would bring me tea and cook for me , It was so sweet but i was okay really, I got alot of tweets from directioners saying they wish me the best and that the love and support me and it felt really good, 

Me and Louis relationship had grown alot stronger, He had officially annouced me as his girlfriend over a twitcam that had over 10 million viewers, thats like the whole world, but then we had some haters , some directioners were calling me fat and ugly and not his type and they were threatening me... and louis flipped and tweeted

"Some directioners need to face that fact that were happy together and if you want to try and ruin happiness..good luck and piss off." 

I was really surprised how many people retweeted it and gave me so so much love and support i felt special, i was then interrupt by arms wrapping around my waist with a kiss on the cheek, "heey babe you okay?" he whispered in my ear, i nodded as i scrolled through more hate tweets of me on my via iphone (lol sorry i had to say via) "whatcha look at baby ?" he said curious but i didnt want to tell him i had a shitload of hate tweets.. "Oh nothing.." i trailed off putting my phone in my back pocket.



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