Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


9. Oh Louis

Kimberly's P.O.V

I turned so then i would be facing him, he looked so upset , i grabbed his face with my hands and whispered "Its nothing babe" i smiled and he had this devilish grin on his face ..i was kinda scared "what..." i said raising an eyebrow, next thing i knew his lips were pressed against mine, he was walking which caused me to walk backwards then i hit something and i realized he had me against the wall,

He got deeper into the kiss , he bit my bottom lip and pulled on it occasionally, and it hurt like hell but felt good at the same time, i ran my hands down his chest tugging on his shirt a little , trying to signal him to take it off, apparently he didnt get it but finally did and he took off his shirt , i ran my hands down his chest and i felt his abs, and that just gave me shivers

I felt him taking off my shirt and he suceeded, i turned him around so now he was on the wall, i pulled back and stood up and started to un-hook my bra "you sure" he said stuttering a bit i nodded and turned around and fully took off and dropped it on the floor , i laughed and turned around but i covered them ..i walked slowly up to him and whispered in his ear "are you ready" i said and he nodded without any hesitation, i backed up slowly "you gotta catch me first" i said while winking at him and ran towards his room,

He caught up pretty fast, it wasnt really fair to be honest he grabbed my waisted from behind and tackled me onto the bed, he flipped me on my back but i was still covering my breast..."Show me pleeeeease" he begged , and i had the greatest idea ever.. "Take off you pants" i said winking.

He obeyed and took of his pants, i slowly removed my arms and his dropped, "wow they are amazingly cute" he said smiling at me....UUM AWKWARD LOUIS AWKWARD AS FUCK, before i could say anything he kissed me again, put this time pinning me on the bed , he slowly unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off no problem, and he tugged on my underwear and yanked it off, (he was agressive in bed) i litterally ripped off his boxers and that night......we made love and its something i'll never forget.

Oh Louis......

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