Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


6. Never wanted this..

I jumped when there was a knock on the door and Louis got up and i grabbed his hand and shook my head 'no' . he just kissed my cheek and whispered that it was gonna be okay,, I calmed down and said okay, Louis walked over to the door and answered it,.. "What the fuck are you doing here harry" i heard Louis say quite loudly. I sighed in relief and relaxed, then i head a slapping sound and a huge thud, i tilted my head to see what had happened and i saw Louis  on the floor holding up his arms trying to hide himself from harry and harry holding up his fist getting ready to punch Louis, i jumped stood over louis, i dont think harry was thinking because he had punched me straight in the throat and i slid on floor on my ankle,

This made Louis furious, He got up and punch harry in the guy and harry fell to his knees and Louis kept punching him , i tried to get Louis attention but i couldnt speak ,, it hurt to even open my mouth, by then the boys were up, zayn was holding louis down and niall had driven harry home, I , on the other hand was still on the floor in pain... zayn had called liam to come take me to the hospital...

When liam got here , Louis stepped in front of him and told him something and liam nodded and Louis walked over to me and picked me up (bridal style) i tried to say something but my throat got a sharp pain and i squealed and grabbed it , the whole way to the hospital louis kept whispering in my ear that it was gonna be okay... but i knew that it wasnt..

My day has officially been ruined by the one and only "Harry Styles" the one who was supposed to be all flirty and nice and a gentleman, but it was the complete oppisite, i never wanted any of this...I felt sick to my stomach but then we finally arrived to the hospital

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