Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


2. Meeting The Boys

I could hear shuffling going on around me , i looked up to see what was happening and there i saw....Liam was standing in front of me , louis was next to him, harry was next to louis and zayn was on the other side of liam and niall was next to zayn. "Hello love , whats your name ?" Liam said and sweetly smiled at me..

"Kimberly" i said blankly and smiled back so then he wouldnt get the wrong idea, "oh..well im liam, thats zayn, niall, louis and thats harry" liam said pointing to each and every one. "Nice to meet you....all" i said kinda shivering. then harry spoke "so your drew's daughter?" he asked kinda rudely not even looking up from his phone.. i felt my cheeks burn , "why dont you go figure that out curly" i said back...rudely...Two can play this game. 

He kinda just chucked and walked away.. "Is he always like that?" i asked quietly.. "No not really" niall answered, i nodded and they boys went off to do the commercial, i took out my phone and took a picture of the boys doing the commercial and i put it on instagram, after about 5 minutes i had like over 500 likes and over 40 comments, i sat back and tried to enjoy the commercial.

Almost about 30 minutes past and my eyes were red from crying...from laughing so hard at louis's faces, louis kept making faces at me, ugh he was just to adorable, i decided to take a picure of one of the faces he made at me and i put it on twitter , i uploaded it and i put the caption as "someone is being adorablee" and soon enough i had people tweeting me about it and asking me questions like "are you guys dating?" and "you guys would be cute" i had to reply to those....it was bugging me

After about 30 takes they finally got one good one, then liam had the idea to have me in the commercial as a screaming "fan" i told him it was a bad idea but i guess 1 person cant over take 6. I sighed and got in a group of girls, and when it wasnt my part, i would go down with the boys when harry and my dad would be talking , and i would talk to the boys, but when my part came , i had to put my game face on and pretended like i was a big fan... and it was torture. 


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