Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


3. Meeting The Boys 2

After we finished we had sat around and talked, I talked to Louis..(OF COURSE) and he was just so fun to be around , he was so funny and he made me laugh like every 5 minutes, i would make him laugh every 1 minute and it felt good that i could make a celebirty laugh, unlike harry who kept staring in my direction...giving me death stares almost every 10 minutes, Louis gave me a hug and wrote his number down and gave it to me, When he gave it to me , i smiled like a big idiot which made him laugh again.

I walked over to talk to liam and he was just all smiley , he also gave me his number and then we just talked for a little longer and then my dad had to intrerrupt "So do you like the boys now ?" he said giving me a devilish grin, liam looked so confused, "She didnt like us before ?" he said giving me puppy dog eyes, "I wasnt a big fan..." i trailed off and my dad walked away. Gee thanks dad, "Sorry about him but it was nice meeting you liam,, your just so adorable" i said while giving him a hug "You too, you should go meet the other lads before you leave, i think you'll like them" he said and smiled at me and walked over to the sitting area..

I then made my way over to Niall who was stuffing his face with the cookies the lady had brought in, "Hey....kimberly right ?" he said shoving another cookie in his mouth , i laughed and nodded, "How many have you ate niall
?" i said smirking... "What time is it ?" he asked ...um random ? "Its almost 5" i said looking at the huge clock that was on the wall in the back "I have ate 32 then" he said smiling , "Oh my gosh niall ! how do you manage to stay skinny?" i said covering my mouth , "I work out" he said with a wink, i kinda just laughed and we just sat and ate cookies, i probably only ate 9 and he ate like 50 but i didnt care...It was niall.

I looked over at zayn and he was motioning his hand for me to come over to him, i said bye to niall, and walked over to zayn, he smiled at me and then spoke "Harry has a problem with you.." he trailed off.. "What did i do to him" i said kinda annoyed , zayn got really close to me and whispered in my ear "He wants you" ..i kinda just froze, then louis walked by "Awkwaaard.." louis said running over to niall. I giggled and zayn pulled away, he looked confused i motioned my finger for him to come down to my face because he was to tall for me to reach up , i whispered in his ear "I dont want him" i said slowly and zayn laughed causing attention to both of us, We sat down on the couch and we just talked a little until my dad interrupt again, 

"Come on Kim, lets go" i heard my dad yell, i looked at zayn and pouted "but i wanna staay" i whined.. "How are you gonna get home?" i heard my dad say while he walked towards me , zayn came to the rescue "I'll drop her off drew " my dad looked at me then back at him "well alright" my dad said , "REALLY ?!" i said to my dad with the biggest smile on my face. "Yes kimberly , just call if needed" i jumped up and hugged him and he made his way out., I looked at zayn and gave him a hug , when i pulled back he had the biggest smile on his face, I knew zayn was gonna be a good friend.


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