Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


4. Lets Go Eat..

Zayns's P.O.V

I had the biggest smile on my face, Kimberly was just beautiful with her long light brown hair that ombre'd to blonde at the bottom, her dimples, her long curly eyelashes, her eyes were a grayish-blue color but they sparkled in the light.she was short , she 5ft...she was just so perfect and cute...

Kimberly's P.O.V 

Zayn kept playing with my hair, until he stopped and his smiled faded away, "what zayn ?" i looked around and then i saw harry making his way over to us, my smiled also faded and i got this annoyed face, when harry sat next to me, i instantly got up and walked out the studio room, I was walking down the hall when someone gripped my arm, i turned around to see Louis with a big smile on his face.

"Where you going love ?" he said letting go of my arm and putting his hands in his pockets.. "home..." i trailed off, "why ?" he asked sounding upset.... "annoyed..." i said trailing off again,, he grabbed my hand ... "Are you hungry" he asked smiling.... 

"Starving" i said holding my stomach, he smiled and litterally dragged me back in the room.. "Guys were going out to eat" louis announced, "can we come" niall begged i nodded , "where to ?" i asked louis...before he could answer Niall screamed "NANDOS!" i was confused as into what that was..."Never been there before" i said , niall's face went from happy to totally and completly shocked. Niall grabbed my hand and took me out the door in a rush and the boys followed, 

We got out to the parking lot and i went with louis , niall, and zayn and liam went with harry.. I got to sit in the passenger  seat next to louis and niall and zayn sat in the back, Louis zoomed off and we got to nandos in about 20 minutes and niall rushed me in and we got seated in a table in the back... i sat inbetween louis and niall and zayn was next to niall and liam was next to louis and harry was across from me, it was a round table so  we sat all around it  (tyr to imagine that ) 

When the waitress came she gave all the boys smiles until she saw me, she had lost her smile and i had lost my appitite, i excused myself to go to the bathroom and when i did , these girls kept giving me dirty looks and bumping my shoulder, i looked in the mirrors and threw my hair up in a bun and put on some more mascara and went back out and took my seat , after about 5 minutes the waitress came back and took out order , niall ordered like the whole menu and i let  louis order for me and he did not hesitate , he got me the fattest thing on the menu and harry decided to be a fucking jerk and say "I think she needs a salad" without even looking up from his phone.

"Are you calling me fat?" i said my cheeks burning and my eyes filling with tears "Well im not calling you skinny either" ....i just sat there ,, while almost all the boys had their mouths hanging wide open..i on the other hand got up and walked back in the bathroom and locked myself in a stall... and didnt come out for another ....30 minutes or so.

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