Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


5. Come Out,

Kimberly P.O.V

I felt horrible....harry styles had just called me fat.....i felt so sad, I went on twitter and saw that something was trending " #Staystrongkimberly & #KimberlyIsPerfectToMe" i scrolled down in those tweets and almost all those tweets were im sorry tweets like.

"Momma_directioner : Stay strong Kimberly , Harry is just jealous of you and @Louis_Tomlinson"

"letmemalikyoballs: Kimberly is no where near fat, harry be trippen over his shoe lace @Louis_Tomlinson"

"ZAYNbutt: @Louis_Tomlinson.... i think you and kimberly are gonna be cute together #staystrongkimberly"

"Maliklobe: @Louis_Tomlinson , HOW DARE @Harry_Styles say that about @kbreesy #staystrongkimberly <3"

"@NiallOfficial wow harry that was harsh , you dont go around telling girls she's fat.."

"@Louis_Tomlinson I cannot believe what had just happened, one of my best mates called kimberly brees fat what is his problem #KimberlyIsPerfectToMe"

I kinda got teary eyed at this tweet... i tried to brush it off but it was hard.. my phone buzzed and it was a text from Louis.. "Babe please come out, harry left and were all gonna go to my place..saved your food (: " i smiled because he had saved my food i texted back ... "okay" i opened the door slowly, and walked slowly back towards the table... i sat there quietly while they all talked.

"Okay we should be going" Louis said grabbing my hand and helping me up, we walked back to louis car and i decided to sit in the back, it was a long 30 minute ride to his flat but we finally made it, We walked in and sat in the living room, louis heated up my food and gave it to me, He put in a scary movie and i was up for it ...When the disk menu showed i saw that it was "Paranormal Activity 4" i was really excited but i didnt want to show it yet, I sat on the floor and louis next to me, and started to eat my food , it was so good until it was all gone, when i looked up at the tv, he hadnt even started the movie yet...i felt so fat..

I threw my plate away because it was in a take out box, and layed on louis lap as he finally played the movie, we were screaming and laughing and screaming back in forth but it was so fun , louis had his arms around my waist and i sat inbetween his legs while he sat up against the couch, Niall and zayn had knocked out on the couches, and me and louis were so focused on the movie, the movie was almost over and louis had his head lying on my shoulder then i felt him get up a little and he whispered in my ear.. "Can you stay the night" i nodded slowly and took out my phone and texted my dad "HEY DAD, im spending the night over at louis's okay ?" i got no reply back so i took that as a yes, when the movie ended i was shaking so bad but louis wrapped his arms around me and told me that everything was gonna be okay....and just when i felt safe in his arms........there was a knock on the door...

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