Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


11. An Awkward Morning..

When Louis had walked over with harry ..they seemed pretty chill i on the other hand ....was shaking and i guess niall saw me because he nudged me a little and smiled,, "Come on Kimberly , lets go get some breakfast for the boys" niall said grabbed my arm, i got up and walked after him, when i walked past harry my arm kinda brushed his and his arm was ice cold,

Me and niall went to ihop and ordered takeout, we got back to louis flat in about 10 minutes, we all sat down and ate, i sat inbetween louis and.....harry, it was kinda an awkward morning for me... niall finished his food in like 4 seconds and i was slowly but surely eating mine, in the corner of my eye i could see harry eye-ing my bacon so i figured i'd be nice..

"Do you...want it" i said keeping my head down, everyone looked at me weird now but harry kept quiet....i dont know why but i just felt angry! like did he like me or not, and him not telling me was pissing me off, i got up and threw my plate away, i ran upstairs and slammed the door,

I looked in the mirror that was in the bedroom, because there was a big mirror in there and you couldnt avoid it, i lifted up my neck to see that the purple line was slowly fading. it faded about 2% a day. i heard the door open behind me and i jumped and turned around, thank god it was harry..i mean FUCK ,, it was harry.

"Why do you hate me ?" harry asked, i turned around and faced the mirror i looked down, but didnt answer him... i just heard him coming closer, i shot my head up and turned around "Dont you dare come any closer to me styles" i said a bit sassy..

He just bit his lip....you bastard dont bit your lip.

He kinda just got this grin on his face and kept coming closer to me, i didnt cower because if he touched me then i would just punch him... He was finally face to face with me and he slid his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear "I've always liked you,, but i backed off when louis told me he liked you and i thought you'd make him happy so please dont be scared of me..im harmless" he walked out and i just fell on the bed...shocked at what had just happened.

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