A living hell

“The world is full of cruelty. We’re full of hate and alienation from one and another. My life is a living hell~”

Ginny believes that she is not like the rest, her mind is full of demons trying to suffocate her on a daily basis. Every day is a struggle trying to survive high school and her broken home. Would she be able to survive or would she fall?


4. Chapter 3. Language Arts

On my way to class I accidently ran into Ally. "Well, well, well. Aren't you that emo freak?" Ally taunted. "I-I- I" I said. "Oh shut it emo. I can't believe that they are more than you. My brother, his friend, you, and your stupid little  fat friend." "Hey Sparkle is not stupid and SHE IS DEFIANTLY NOT FAT! DON'T TRY CALLING HER ANY OTHER NAMES! ESPECIALLY FAT!" I said. "Says who?" Ally asked "Says me! NO GIRL LIKES BEING CALL FAT. EVEN THOUGH SHE IS NOT! I DON'T THINK YOU WILL LIKE BEING CALLED FAT TOO!,'' I said as I walk away from here. She catches me. "Where do you think your going? I am not going to let you go that easy." Ally says "Let me go! Your going to let make me late to class." I yelled at her "Like if I care! You obviously don't know me yet. I'm going to make you suffer." she said in a terrifying voice "Get your hands off of her Ally! Why do you have to be rough on everyone?" Alex said. I was relief that he showed up. "LISTEN YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT.YOU'RE EMO.  I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU! Cause of you, mom and dad are divorce. I wish you weren't born you little piece of shit." Ally said "Shut the fuck up! Already! It is not my fault they divorce. Yea i guess your right. I am a piece of shit. I also wish we weren't even related, we aren't alike. You know how much I wish I wasn't born too? Your not the only one that has it bad. I suffer too. Why do you have to make peoples lives so difficult?  Now do me a favor and don't ever talk to me. We may be related at home but at school pretend that you don't know me ok. I am sick of you. I AM SICK OF BULLSHIT EVERYWHERE." Alex said looking like he is fighting the tears. "Alex I did-" Ally said "Just leave me alone." he said "Come on Ginny let's get going. Once we were heading to class I almost started to cry. I couldn't believe what just happened. I am not the only one who has it rough. Guys have it too. "Things are rough all over" I said to myself. Remembering that phrase in the Outsiders book: "Things are rough all over." RING! RING! RING! We made it in time. "Sit down class. My name is Mrs. Brong. Today we won't be doing anything so just get to know one another she said." I couldn't stand seeing Alex like that. Actually I can't stand seeing people fight, bullied, hurt and so on. Now I am used to getting bullied at school but at home I am not. "I just wish there was a different world where all of us get along with any harm caused by one another." I didn't knew i was saying it out loud. "Yea me too!" Alex said "What?" I said. " You said: I just wish there was a different world where all of us get along with any harm caused by one another." "I wish that too. he said "Oh I didn't knew I said that out loud." I said "It's ok I do that at times too." he said, while smiling. Ah!! His smile. I can't stand his smile. It makes me blush. "So how do you like high school so far?'' I said changing the subject "It's ok, I guess now that I found the girl I been looking for" he said."Oh and who is that special girl?" I said.  Alex was trying to hold my hand. I turned bright red. He just smiled. Asking me a question. "Ginny do you have a boyfriend?" I flushed bright red. I felt sudden heat rise my white pail cheeks. "No." I finally answered "Oh" he said. After he said that I could tell we would be more than friends. We heard whispers from one of our classmates. ''Aren't those 2 emos. Look at the girl's hand carefully you could see that she has cuts in her wrist." My faced flushed bright red. I was trying to hide the cuts. I was trying to ignore them. Alex caught me in my own act. "Ginny do you self harm?" he said in a worried tone. "I...I... I used too. Well I kinda still do." I finally said it. "Why?" he asked "I been through a lot too!" I said trying to not to cry. "Oh Ginny I'm so sorry I didn't knew." he said "I'ts ok I said. As I got ready to leave. There was silence now. "You know your not the only one" he said. "I self harm at times so does Tyler,  guess we all do eventually." he said "Guess so." I said. RING! RING! RING! "Ginny wait!" Alex said "Let me walk with you to your locker" he said "I would love that." I said smiling, as we were heading out the door.

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