A living hell

“The world is full of cruelty. We’re full of hate and alienation from one and another. My life is a living hell~”

Ginny believes that she is not like the rest, her mind is full of demons trying to suffocate her on a daily basis. Every day is a struggle trying to survive high school and her broken home. Would she be able to survive or would she fall?


3. Chapter 2. Algebra 1 class

When Sparkle and I were heading to class, we almost ran into Ally. "Quick! Hide!" Sparkle told me. Ally almost caught us. "That was almost close," I said. "We were heading to class, when the bell rang. "RING! RING! RING!" "Quick take your seats class!" the teacher said, so we did. Sparkle and I usually sit next to each other. 5 seats, behind us was a guy that looked a lot like Alex. "Pst! Ginny do you think the guy way in the back looks a lot like Alex?'' Sparkle said "Hello Ginny? Ginny!" "Sorry Sparkle I was thinking,'' I said. "It's ok" she told me "Do you heard what I said?'' "Yea, a little,'' I said 


"Quite class'' the teacher said. "Now my name is Mr. Rogalski, let's take attendance.'' Luke Baker, Adrian Casares, Lesly Cuevas, Ruth Diaz, Briana Espinoza, Lexi Folks, Henry Harris, Amalia Henderson, Alicia Ramirez, Hayley Reyna, Victor Rodriguez, Tyler Sparks, Jonathan Soto, Nick Thomas, Nathan Torres, Mary Gin West. "Mary Gin West?" "Sorry! Here" I said.


"Ginny are you ok?" Sparkle asked. "Yea, sorry! I just been thinking a lot lately." "It's ok. I get you." she said. "Hey his name is Tyler" "Yea, I heard" I said. Tyler did looked a lot like Alex, only a bit different. He had bluish greenish eyes, blue short flippy hair, except with light blue highlights, he looked an inch shorter than Alex. The only difference was that Tyler has snake bites piercing. 


"Okay class, this is Algebra 1, I expect you guys to work hard and pay attention in class. You need to bring your materials in class and prepare for anything."


We mostly didn't do much. It was a relief. I couldn't think straight, right after I today in the morning. Finding out my dad didn't came home. By then Sparkle and I were passing notes in class. The first note I got from here said: What's the matter with you, Ginny you haven't been thinking straight since we left from your house. Is it because you were thinking of Alex? Do you like him? I wrote back: yea is because of him.(Part of my not thinking straight did had to do with Alex. Not all of it.)  I don't know why but something got my attention. I gave her the note. Then she replied: Yea me too! I think I have a crush on Tyler. Do you think he is Alex pal. I replied back: Yea I think so they both look like they have a lot in common. Maybe they are.


A while later Tyler came up to us. "So you 2 ran into Ally didn't you? Alex told me. Call me Tyler, by the way." "Hey Tyler." Sparkle said. "So what middle school did you guys used to go?" he asked "Norway middle school." I said. "Which school did you and Alex used to go? Sparkle asked  "Fremont middle school." he said "Cool." I said "Yea so, did Alex asked you 2 if you wanna hang sometime?" "Yes, he did"  I told him "Do you guys wanna have lunch with us?" Sparkle and I stared at each other we both knew our answer will be the same. "Yea! That sounds great!" Sparkle and I said. "So what class do you guys have next. "I have science" Sparkle said "Cool! Me too!" Tyler said "What teacher?" "Brong" Sparkle said "Awesome! Me too!" Tyler said " I have Language arts. Teacher Staldman ."Oh cool! You have LA with Alex." Knowing the fact that i have Language arts with Alex, just made my heart beat fast. RING! RING! RING! Time to get to the next class." Mr. Roglaski said. (I can't believe it! I have La with Alex. Am I falling in love with Alex? Only one way to find out...)


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