A living hell

“The world is full of cruelty. We’re full of hate and alienation from one and another. My life is a living hell~”

Ginny believes that she is not like the rest, her mind is full of demons trying to suffocate her on a daily basis. Every day is a struggle trying to survive high school and her broken home. Would she be able to survive or would she fall?


21. Chapter 18. You are loved Mary Gin.

During that night, I had a lot going on in my head. Many memories. Many questions. It was making my head spin with a bad headache about to appear. "What's the point of trying? I say and say that I won't do it and I actually end up again falling back at the same stupid mistake?" I said to myself. "Things will probably never change. That's the truth." I said, trying to convince myself. 


A minute later, my phone interrupted my thoughts. "Ugh. Why can't people understand I want to be left alone. Just me in a lonely room with my thoughts." I said. It was a text message from a number I didn't recognize. I grabbed my backpack and pulled out a sheet of my friends number. It turns out it was Alex.


The messaged said: "Hey Ginny. I heard what happened and I just want you to know. I'm always here. Like I said earlier, you may not know me well but you can totally trust me." I replied back: "Thanks Alex that means a lot but I want to be left alone for now. I'll probably return to school tomorrow or somewhat." I said "That's good to hear Ginny. Do me a favor and call me." His response said. "Okay." I replied 


Just a simple "Hey" I said over the phone. "Hey Ginny. I just wanted to hear that your fine from the sound of your voice." Alex said. "Thanks Alex that's really sweet. I'm fine. Really, I am." I told him. "I believe you Ginny. One more favor?" He said. "Which is?" I asked "Look outside your window." He said as he hung up the call.


There Alex stood with Tyler and Sparkle. Tyler in the left side, Alex in the middle, and Sparkle at right. All 3 of them were holding a sign saying: "You're loved Mary Gin." with the word Love underlined. 

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