A living hell

“The world is full of cruelty. We’re full of hate and alienation from one and another. My life is a living hell~”

Ginny believes that she is not like the rest, her mind is full of demons trying to suffocate her on a daily basis. Every day is a struggle trying to survive high school and her broken home. Would she be able to survive or would she fall?


20. Chapter 17. Heading back to aunts Rosie's place

On the way back to my aunt's house, complete silence stood between my mom and I. It was mute the whole car ride. A few minutes later there were noises. I heard a whimper and saw tears from the corner of my mother's eye. Once we arrived on my aunt's driveway I started to speak. "Mom" I said. "Thanks for what you did in the hospital." "Oh Mary Gin." my mother said. " I want the best for you. Things hasn't been easy for us. I want you to trust me Ginny. How do you want me to help you, if you don't want to open up?" I stayed quite pretending I didn't hear what she said. A sigh came out from my mom. "Come on. Let's head in." she said.


As  much as I try to open up to my mom, I just can't. Something inside me always stops me. Every little word I want to say, doesn't come out. It's like I'm mute all of a sudden. Like I don't have a voice to say what I want to say. There's no worth trying. I'm not good at standing up for myself.


"Rosie, lla llegamos." my mom said. "Oh Ginny!" my aunt said coming out the kitchen. "Estas bien. Te prepare tus platos favoritos de comida. Tu madre y yo sole queremos que te sientas segura."(are you okay? I baked you some of your favorite food dishes. Your mother and I just want you to feel safe.) "Gracias tia, but all I want right now is to be alone and some rest. I have a lot going on." I explained to my aunt. "Okay Ginny, If you need anything just yell our names out loud. We'll be downstairs."


That's fine all I need is to be alone for now.

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