A living hell

“The world is full of cruelty. We’re full of hate and alienation from one and another. My life is a living hell~”

Ginny believes that she is not like the rest, her mind is full of demons trying to suffocate her on a daily basis. Every day is a struggle trying to survive high school and her broken home. Would she be able to survive or would she fall?


13. Chapter 10. The beating begins again

I was home alone exhausted from all the running. Man was I hungry, I decided to cook some left over meat loaf and drink some orange juice.  After I was done eating, I got a text from my mom. The text said:  "Hija, I'm going to come home late. I started packing bags for me, you, and your younger siblings, this morning before I left. I was able to finish my packing bags and your siblings. I want you to finish your packing. Once I come home, we will be spending the rest of the week with your aunt Rosie. Take care and call me if there is trouble." I headed upstairs, finishing my packing, when I heard a car pulled outside in the driveway. I heard someone coming inside. Sounded like my dad half drunk, talking over the phone. " I will try to be there don't worry. I'm just at my house picking some of my clothes and my personal belongings." he said. Who was he talking to and why is he taking some of his clothes and personal belongings with him? "Dad? Is that you?" I asked, coming down the stairs. My dad didn't look wasted, only a bit. "Where the fuck are your younger siblings and mom?" he demanded "My brother and sister are spending the week with my grandparents and mom is working late." I explained. "Tu mama, pinche trabajando! Ella nesesita que estar en la casa asiendo de comer para a mi y ustedes pinche chiquios!" (Your mom, fucking working! She needs to be in the house making lunch for me and you stupid children!) He said "Well she started working day and night right after you lost your job!" I said "What did you said?" He asked. I just stayed quite, right after he headed upstairs. My dad found the packing bags, he was furious. "What is the meaning of this! Why are you guys packing? Answer me Ginny!" he asked. I didn't respond. "Ven para aca y explicame que es esto!" (Come over here and tell me what is this!) My dad said, pulling me up the stairs. "You guys are not going anywhere understand! Now give me a meaning of this. I am your god damn father and deserve an answer!" he said "I don't know!" I yelled "Como que I don't know!?" (What do you mean I don't know!?) My dad seriously lost it! "Stop you are scaring me!" I said. He didn't listen. He was too busy searching for something to hurt me with, until he spotted his heavy necklace chain. "A ver si aprendes a obedecerme, pinche perra!" (See if you learn to obey me, fucking bitch!) "Stop don't hurt me! Your scaring me! You better stop it or I will call the police!" I said, terrified "You can't call the police on me! I'm your dad!" he said. I was affaird of what to do. The only thing i tought of was running away from home and head to Sparkle's place. I was aiming to run down the stairs, but my dad caught me. He had too much force. He was still hitting me with the chain, leaving the marks on  my skin. I pulled away, fighting to get free. My dad let go this time, making me fall down the stairs. I was in so much pain than I ever was. I got up trying to run to the door, nut my dad knew what I was planning to do. He helped me get up, only to keep beating me up! Iwas in too much pain to fight back. "Don't you ever try to run away from me or I will hurt you worse than I ever do! Understood?" he said. I nodded. His terrifying words scared me. I started to feel dizzy, right after he gave me a bloody nose and some new bruises. After my dad got tired of beating me, I stood up, got the flower base and threw it at my dad's head. Leaving him in pain. That was my only shot, leaving home! "Maldita perra! Pagarás por esto pronto!" (Fucking bitch! You will pay for this soon!) my dad said, before I left home.

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