A living hell

“The world is full of cruelty. We’re full of hate and alienation from one and another. My life is a living hell~”

Ginny believes that she is not like the rest, her mind is full of demons trying to suffocate her on a daily basis. Every day is a struggle trying to survive high school and her broken home. Would she be able to survive or would she fall?


2. chapter 1. First day of school.

Our school was only about 12 blocks away from me and Sparkle. We headed inside the school when I heard people whispering.

"Oh my god, what losers! Emo freaks!" I heard one of them whisper to the other.

"Just ignore them, Ginny, just ignore them!" Sparkle whispered at me.

"I know," I told her.

One of the preppy girls came up to me and Sparkle. "Hey emo freaks, did you guys came from stupid town? Why don't you guys do us a favor and get lost!" she said, throwing us the cold water from her water bottle. "There. This will help wash away the clown makeup." the preppy girl said. 

"What the fuck was that about!?!" Sparkle said, frustrated

"Calm down, Sparkle," I told her.

"I- I can't! What the fuck is your problem? What have we done to you?" Sparkle said to the preppy girl.

"You know what's my-"

"Ally leave them alone!" said a guy behind us.

"What did you just said! Alex!?" The preppy girl said yelling her guts out. "You heard me! You know I am sick of you, pushing me around just because I am younger than you!" he said.

The peppy girl just stands there in shock. "COME ON YOU GUYS LET'S LEAVE THESE LOSERS ALONE FOR NOW!" she said.

"Hey are you 2 ok?" he asked.

"Yea were ok. What the fuck was her problem?" Sparkle said.

"I don't know, she has been like that ever since my parents divorce. She is my older sister, Ally" he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Sparkle said, feeling bad.

"It's ok, by the way, I am Alex Harris," he said, introducing himself.

"I am Ginny, and this is Sparkle," I said.

Alex had black short flippy hair that falls perfectly, deep blue eyes, snake bites on his lip, and a smile that I can't describe. He looked around our age.

"Oh. Well nice to meet you Ginny and Sparkle. Guess I'll see you guys around. It was cool knowing you." he said, starting to walk away.

" Hey before you guys leave do you guys wanna hang with me and my pal?" "Yea sure, Sparkle and I said at the same time."

"Cool! I"ll meet you guys later at this same place?" he said as he was leaving. All of us were heading to our first-period class.

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