Don't Forget Me

Alexis was a normal 18 year old girl, who was originally from Holmes Chapel, England. Her dad got a job when she was 10, and they moved to the United States. When she hears about the new popular boy band, One Direction, will Harry Styles, her childhood best friend, remember her? Will she still have a crush on him? Will they live Happily Ever After?


3. Sleepover

Alexis POV: We locked up the store, and went to my house. I never realized this, but I sound country. I guess my accent has faded over time. Mom was cooking dinner, when we walked in, "HOME!!!!!!," I shouted. Harry smiled, and covered my mom's eyes, "Guess who?" She smiled, and turned around, "Don't make me hit you, Harold." I laughed, "How'd you know?" She hugged him, "Well, who else is British?" He smiled, and took a carrot off the counter, and sat down next to me, "3 other dudes. I'm in the band with." I rolled my eyes, "Can I meet them?" My mom laughed, "Go in her room." I shook my head, "NO!" He laughed, and ran upstairs, "Sorry. I have to!" He barged into my room, and looked at my walls. Autographs, facts, lyrics, posters, books, magazines., everything! All One Direction. I was blushing. Hard! He smiled, and grabbed my hands, "Lex. You know I like you, right?" I smiled, "Really?" He nodded, "Love you." I tried to find the right words, "I love you too." He leaned in, and my mom tells from downstairs, "DINNER'S READY!!" "Crap," I mumbled, as he ran out the door. I was just about to have my first kiss. With Harry Styles.
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