Don't Forget Me

Alexis was a normal 18 year old girl, who was originally from Holmes Chapel, England. Her dad got a job when she was 10, and they moved to the United States. When she hears about the new popular boy band, One Direction, will Harry Styles, her childhood best friend, remember her? Will she still have a crush on him? Will they live Happily Ever After?


2. Sick

Harry POV: When Alexis left, it tore me to pieces. I cried for a couple of weeks. She was my best friend. We would tell each other everything. When she left, it felt like a piece of me was missing. I loved her, but I didn't want to tell her. Or anybody. About 6 years after she left, I joined the x factor. I wanted to see if I could make it. I didn't get through as a solo artist, but moved to becoming a boy band. Even though we came in 3rd, we still got signed. Popular everywhere. Girls were screaming, fainting, crying, and texting and calling us everywhere! When we went to America, all I could think about was Alexis. Her beautiful long, brown hair. Her blue eyes. How they sparkled<3 Everything about her. Was..was..just perfect! We were in Georgia, and I didnt feel that well. I went to the store, and tapped on a girls shoulder, "Excuse me, miss?" She turned around. I knew those eyes. That flowing brown hair, "A..Alexis? Is that you?" She looked at me, her eyes huge, "Hazza?" I nodded, and she pulled me into a tight hug, "I missed you!" I smiled, "I missed you too." She looked at her phone, "So, ya need somethin?" I nodded, "My tummy hurts, and my head hurts." She grabbed my hand and led me up to the counter. She jumped on the counter, so she could look me in the eye. She felt my head, "Warm. I think you have fever, boo." I frowned, "Man. I have a performance tomorrow." She shook her head, "Not unless I say you are better." I groaned, "Peeez mommy?!?!" She laughed, "Nope. Which means!!!" She hopped off the counter, and went to the snack isle, "Sleepover!!!" I laughed, "Same ole Lexie."

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