Don't Forget Me

Alexis was a normal 18 year old girl, who was originally from Holmes Chapel, England. Her dad got a job when she was 10, and they moved to the United States. When she hears about the new popular boy band, One Direction, will Harry Styles, her childhood best friend, remember her? Will she still have a crush on him? Will they live Happily Ever After?


5. Please?

Alexis POV: I looked at him, he was looking at me. My parents were extatic! Mother was smiling, and got up to hug Harry. I sighed, "Well, if my parents are okay with it, of course I will go out with you, Harold!" He smiled, and jumped up and ran to me, "Yay!" I smiled back, "Okay, I'm full. Want to go watch movies?" He nodded, and I led him downstairs to the basement. I pulled up a beanbag chair, and sat on the floor. He pouted. "What?," I asked him. He sighed, "I'm sick." I laughed, "So?" He frowned, "I need somebody to cuddle with!" I laughed, and got up, "Okay. Cuddle with the Build A Bear Bunny." He pulled me down on him while I tried to hand him the bunny. "Styles, you child," I giggled. I sat on his lap, and turned around, my back facing him. He played with my long, dark, kinda curly, kinda straight, hair. I turned on High School Musical, because I just liked watching it when I was little. He jumped up, and began to act like Zac Efron. I couldn't help but giggle. I was on the floor, because when he jumped up, it sent me hurdling to the floor, "LOOK!!!! SNOW!" I ran to the door. "You've never seen snow before?," He asked me. I rolled my eyes, "Not in Florida in December!" He held my hands, and we walked outside, "You know what I've always wanted to do?" I shook my head, "What?" He leaned in, grabbed my waist, and kissed me. In the snow! So romantic<3

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