Don't Forget Me

Alexis was a normal 18 year old girl, who was originally from Holmes Chapel, England. Her dad got a job when she was 10, and they moved to the United States. When she hears about the new popular boy band, One Direction, will Harry Styles, her childhood best friend, remember her? Will she still have a crush on him? Will they live Happily Ever After?


7. Meet The Boys, Love

Alexis POV: I was dragged inside the house, by Harry. I will be able to meet the boys! Yay! My inner fangirl was sending goosebumps all over my arms. I giggled. Harry looked at me, and smiled, "They're gonna love you. Just like I do!" I blushed, "I love you way more than the boys do!" He rolled his eyes, "Suree you do!" My jaw dropped, "I do!! Have any of the other boys ever kissed you in the snow?" He smiled. "Don't answer that, Styles!," I told him, scared of his response. He laughed, "No, they haven't." I nodded. Good. We were inside, and he sat on the couch. I went to walk upstairs. He frowned, "Lexxxx!!" I turned, "Whattt?" He frowned, "Where are you going?" I looked down at my outfit, "I'm going to put on an outfit that is cute!" He rolled his eyes, "Pweez stay? I don't want them getting any ideas." I pouted, and walked to the couch, and sat down beside him. "That's my girl," he said, trying to lean in to kiss me. I stood up, and ran to the ping pong table. From that, it went into a ping pong match! Which..........I won(;

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