Don't Forget Me

Alexis was a normal 18 year old girl, who was originally from Holmes Chapel, England. Her dad got a job when she was 10, and they moved to the United States. When she hears about the new popular boy band, One Direction, will Harry Styles, her childhood best friend, remember her? Will she still have a crush on him? Will they live Happily Ever After?


1. Flashback

Alexis POV:

"Alexis, wake up," I heard my mother whisper in my ear. We were leaving already? I sighed, and got up out of my bed. It really wasn't a bed, because all of our things were packed up, and in the moving truck. It was more of a pallet on the ground. I stood up. My room looked so empty! A small tear escaped my eye. I quickly wiped it away. I walked downstairs, and saw my friends. Harry, who was with me just about 24/7, was trying not to cry. I ran to him, and burst into tears. He hugged me, and held me close to him. I whispered, "Don't forget about me, Hazza!" He nodded, "Lexie, remember. Don't get a boyfriend without me there to talk to him first!" I giggled, "Don't let these English girls break your heart." He nodded, "I love you, Lex." I smiled, and wiped my tears, "I love you too, Hazza." We said goodbye to his sister, Gemma, and his mother and stepfather. They were like my second family. We loaded up in the car, and headed to the airport. Goodbye Holmes Chapel. I will miss you </3









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