the celebrity dream

Alison is a 18 year old girl who is visting london. She has gone all the way from new york to work for her uncle at a university as a lunch person. At the university she meets celebrity justin beiber.It is any ones dream come true. They start dating. Will there love survive?


3. The university

The university was big place and before you would go in you would see to big steel gates that were rusty and black. On the gate they had the words the university of  central london. The university had opened a few years ago and would teach lots of different subjects.They have an arts programe were people who completed a test in music, dance, acting and art. If you passed you got to go to the school for free. This would be a great as the school had very qualified teachers. Alison knocked at the metal gate 3 times. The gate made an ear bursting noise that hurt so bad. Out of the gate came her uncle.

"Oh Annie and Alison you are here. You are quite early. It is only 9:00. Come in come in you two." said Alison's uncle

The two girls came into the the university. They sat down at a table at the front just after the reception. Alison's uncle made them some coffee to drink. He talked to them about what would happen the next day.

"Tomorrow you will be cooking for over 400 pupils. There are lots of different foods we have. Alison you are going to be doing non-vegetarian food and Annie vegetarian." said Alison's uncle

They both noted down this so they would remember what they were doing. They then went to there cabin were they would stay when they were working there. There room was very big and had bunk beds with two computers. They had lots of places were they could put all the things the had bought with them.They started unpacking

An hour later (around 4:30 in america) they had finished unpacking. Alison turned on her computer and sat on her bed.She video chatted her family. Her sister answered

"Hey Rosie how was school." Said Alison

"It was good we did no work as it is the first day we didn't do any work. That meant I could think about you." said Rosie

"Don't worry about me I am fine. It is about 10:30 here so I only got here recently. I am really looking forward to working here. I will talk to you more tomorrow. See you soon." said Alison

"See you soon." Said Rosie

Alison turned of her computer and started talking to annie on the top bunk.

"Hey Ally. I hear a few streets away there having a welcome back party for the people of this university. I asked your uncle if we could go but he said we can't as it is a bit private but he gave us money to go shopping." said Annie

"How much money did he give us." said Alison

"He gave us at least £1000 as a thank you gift for us working here but we still are getting payed £500 each week to save." said Annie

"So as were in london we should go to that designer shop in oxford       street. They sell great dresses which we can wear when I get back in to dating." said Alison

"That would be nice. They sell the cutest t-shirts there." said Annie

So that night the went out shopping and had the time of there lives. 



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