the celebrity dream

Alison is a 18 year old girl who is visting london. She has gone all the way from new york to work for her uncle at a university as a lunch person. At the university she meets celebrity justin beiber.It is any ones dream come true. They start dating. Will there love survive?


2. the plane journey

Alison had put her bag on the plane. She held on tight to the ticket in her hand. She sat down on her seat in the first class room. She had never been on a flight on her own on her life. She knew what london was like. When she was younger she lived in england till she was 7. They moved as her dad was getting a new job in america. That is when she met annie. She forgot her and Annie's friendship was over.She looked at the picture of her and Annie. They had just lifted of the ground.

"Oh Annie." she shouted "I just wish I could see you again. I miss you as a friend." 

The person next to her put her magazine to the side. Alison was looking the other way and then she turned her head. It was Annie!

"Ally I have missed you." said Annie

Ally was what Annie called Alison. She thought it would be nice to give her a nickname. 

"Annie! Shouldn't you be with your new boyfriend Robert." said Alison

"You don't know what happened on prom night. I will tell you. After you left robert asked me to dance. I said I wouldn't as he had just dumped my best friend. I left in a taxi back home and then he kept on calling me." said Annie

"So why are you here Annie." asked Alison

"My mum called your uncle and talked to him about me getting a job with you. He bought me a plane ticket so I could work in the kitchen with you." said Annie

"Wow you did this just to be friends with me again. How can I stop being friends with you." said Alison

She hugged her friend and they sat next to each other watching the tv. They had lots of dvds to watch.

5 hours later they landed in london. They waited for there bags to come and they left. They visted lots of london before going to the university. 




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