the celebrity dream

Alison is a 18 year old girl who is visting london. She has gone all the way from new york to work for her uncle at a university as a lunch person. At the university she meets celebrity justin beiber.It is any ones dream come true. They start dating. Will there love survive?


4. monday night shopping

Annie and Alison got ready to go out at 5:00 pm. They had £1000 with them and some gift cards. First they would go to nandos with the money Annie had left from her plane ticket. Then they were going to go to claires to buy a few things. Then to a lovely designer shop to buy some new cloths. They thought about maybe buying some neclaces and earings. That was a maybe option. They both tried on dresses. Alison first tried on and pink dress and bow earings.

"So Annie what do you think of this dress." said Alison

"It is nice but wear the heart earings. There on top of the computer." said Annie 

She got down the earings and tried them on.

"Ok what do you think?" asked Alison

"That is a great outfit. So how about mine." replyed Annie

"Good. How about having a purple scarf with it. It will make it look great." said Alison

"OK I will." Said Annie putting on the scarf."Good isn't it." 

"Great. Now lets go." said Alison getting their pures from the wardrobe

They went skipping out the door with  big smiles on their faces.They had a ten minute walk to nandos were they stopped to have a breath. They had a hard time walking on heels. When they went inside it was 5:15 and they were waiting to be seated.

At 5:30 they were seated. They sat down at there table and started

looking at there menu.

"Hey lets have some peri peri chicken and coke. Then are bill won't be exspensive and we can buy dinner another day." said Alison "Plus the coke is bottomless so we don't have to pay to get a refill." 

"Ok Ally. I will order that when are waiter comes. I will also order chips each ok." said Annie

They only waited 5 minutes for there waiter to come. He was very kind to them. He understood that they were in a hurry and said that he would give them they meal in 10 minutes.

He gave them there food in 5 minutes. They started eating there food.

In 10 minutes they finished there meal and left some payment of £20 and put a note saying keep the change. They left the restraunt giggling and laughing there next stop was shopping at the cloths shops.

They had a five minute walk to the shop. They walked straight in the shop. Alison went over to the children's section to buy her sister a party dress. Her friend was throwing a party at a country club were they thought it would be nice to have a dress code.

She picked up a £200 pink dress. She went over to Annie who was looking at adult dresses. She found them both £400 ruffled long dresses. They decided to buy them. They payed the £1000 at the till and went home.

When they got home they went to sleep. The next day would be a big day for the both of them. Their first day of work.

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